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New diagnosis of AVNRT


Hello all,

I was just diagnosed with having AVNRT and was referred to have the ablation done. I have done many research on it already now really scared at all. I am actually excited to get this done considering what I have dealt with since I was 24 years old. I am now 41 and back then this put me in a paralyzed stage and I ended up in hospital. I did good for many years until 2016 then it started happening again but this time it started effecting my mobility as well because I was not having blood flow traveling like it should when I had the attacks so I ended up in hospital. Then in 2017 it started again but this time convulsions was part of it and same with 2018. I have had many many different test seen many different doctors no one could explain it until my halter monitor finally revealed it. Well my question is does anyone know someone that had this procedure and symptoms still came back later?

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Hi Shygurl

I do not know anyone having this procedure. I do hope you get some answers on here. Sounds like you did good research. Hope everything works out ok for you

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