Successful ablation?

Hi everybody, hope you're having a good day, So, pvi ablation 3 weeks ago. Now 20 plus runs of AF spaced out over the day. Feel breathless after each event. Only last secs. Went cycling, couple miles on felt faint dizzy confused and heart in a slow irregular rhythm for a min or so. Is this usual post ablation? Thanks for any advice. ps monitoring it with a loop recorder

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  • Three weeks seems to be a very short time - It will take up to six months or more to fully heal. It is probably worth taking it more slowly - try gentle walking rather than cycling perhaps.

  • Probably doing far too much too soon. Three to six months for full healing so for goodness sake listen to your body. This is quite normal.

  • Three weeks is very early days, please try to take things slowly. Your heart needs to form the scarring and this takes up to six months. I returned to AF/Tachycardia 3 months post 3rd ablation and thought well that's that it hasn't worked but I have now been in sinus for 10 weeks or more and hoping it stays that way. Have patience and all the best for a good result.


  • I agree with all the previous replies. The EPs tell you it takes 3-6 months for the heart to heal. So it would seem to make sense (to me anyway) to keep your heart rate down for that period as much as possible. I know we are told to resume normal activities after 2 weeks but that didn't work for me after ablation number one. After reading lots on this forum along the lines of BobD's above, I am now following the quieter path to recovery after ablation number 2 six weeks ago. Still had one episode after rushing upstairs which lasted 5 days😣. No rushing anywhere now for me and everything is better for it! If you feel faint cycling it would be wise not to do it for a while. Really hope things settle for you soon. Take it easy.

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