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Well, some good news..sort of?

Hi everyone,

Thank you all again so much for your comments on my last post. Your kindness and support is unmatched:)

I had a visit with my GP yesterday, and basically did my best to state my case yet again. It would seem that my emerg visit has finally persuaded her that there really might be a problem with my heart (nausea and chat pain with exertion).

So she has referred me back to the cardiologist office for an urgent stress test. I'm happy but scared, I must admit.

Yesterday afternoon I ended up back in th ER after a bout of tachycardia with extreme nausea and a crazy blood pressure reading (126/103. Bizarre!)

I didn't have a heart attack, but there is a small concern at this point that I may have unstable angina. So scared as these events are happening more and more often, and I hope I get an answer before I have some sort of massive heart attack. Also scary be these events have always happened when I am home alone :(. Worst part is last month I was feeling a bit better and decided it was time to go back to work, so here I have committed myself to starting back on the 15th, and I'm not even sure it is safe 😬

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Hi, I'm glad you are getting a proper test and hope it gives an answer. In the meantime here is a thought as I went back to read to your first post and comments. A few days ago someone mentioned having a 'nutcracker' oesophagus which intrigued me so I looked it up rather suspecting it was a case of mad predictive text but there is indeed such a condition!

I remember a friend of mine being sent for a heart bypass but coming back with a diagnosis of hiatus hernia. I know how scary it is when you have symptoms like yours but please try not to worry yet, says she who has planned her funeral more than once 😨


Thanks so much for the response Buffafly :). Thanks for the info as well! I have to admit I am really hoping it is my esophagus, certainly less scary than the alternative.


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