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Right side of heart ablation

I have had 2 ablations on the left side of my heart. They got rid of my fibulations, however I was left with flutter on the right side. This past Wednesday I had an ablation on the right side of the heart. At this point I have a normal heartbeat. The Dr. decreased my Bystolic and put me on Sotalol. This med is supposed to keep my heart beating correct. I am a very poor medicine taker due to IBS so I don't know how long I will be able to take meds.

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Good luck. Does the flutter ablation work immediately? Or does it take time ...?


Mine worked immediately


I used to have IBS and went to a nutritionist and found out foods I ate were causing it. Stopped Caffeine and other triggers and it went away, only had very rare occasions of it after that. Then went gluten/wheat free which totally fixed it. Gluten free also stops my heart arrithymia too. I had an ablation for tachycardia, they did both sides of heart, in March, still had some episodes then went gluten free and those episodes even stopped. There is a link I believe between the stomach issues/food sensitivities and heart electrical problems. Also aspartame and sucralose caused my heart to go crazy. I read labels very carefully now and feel great.


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