16 Months After - FAST AF / Cardioversion

Spent 4 days in CCU Ward with Fast AF 16 mths ago (150bpm), 4 mths later I had cardioversion which returned me to a normal heart beat. Since the cardioversion 12 months ago I feel fine most days each week, but too much caffeine, or more than 1 pint of beer or more than 8 cigarettes a day or too much chocolate or a lot of stress kicks off palputations & other symptons. Whenever I get an illness, even a minor illness such as a cough, cold or sore throat etc etc it kicks off the chest region, then when the illness has gone I will be fine again for maybe another week then off we go again in circles. Obviously I have learnt my lesson when it comes to alcohol, cigarettes, caffeine, stress, chocolate etc etc. But are there any other possible treatments or meds other people with these similar symptons/episodes/history have tried and found successfully? I realize each person & each case is different but maybe someone out there has had a similar history. any help/ideas appreciated. (ps/ my consultant has ruled out ablation for the time being).

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  • If you have a tendency for AF you may find it is progressive. Some find lifestyle changes help or eliminate AF, others find it makes no difference.

    There are drug treatments and ablations which treat AF - go to the AFA website where you will find a lot of information and help.

    Most peopl on this site would be have seen an EP to get specialist advice on their AF,

    Best wishes CD,

  • On the waiting list for an EP. LWill

  • Your just going to have to give up smoking, drinking etc for good

  • Your story will be a familiar one to many of us!

    Are you on any medication? Lifestyle changes are good but maybe your medication needs tweaking. Some contributors recommend special diets, supplements and other alternative treatments but it is up to you whether you want to explore those options or simply make the sensible adjustments you have already made and get on with life as best you can.

    If you search the site under the headings I mentioned you should pick up some ideas.

  • @harve Unless you have a death wish STOP consuming the triggers for afib and why are you smoking. I know it is hard to stop but you are engineering your own defeat. stop!! You need to care about yourself a lot more.

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