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If you pay for your NHS prescriptions, you can make huge savings by getting an NHS pre-payment certificate. My pharmacist kindly pointed this out to me. I am on bisoprolol, flecanaide, rivaroxaban, losartan & indapamide. Paying regular prescription price comes to £540/year. The pre-payment certificate costs £104/year and covers everything. Very easy to apply online.

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  • Although free for me well worth reminding peple.

  • Yes, well worth having and those of us over 60 should remind ourselves of the benefits advancing years bring along with all other things that go with them.

  • I'm now past the free TV license and get the extra 25p a week on my pension. I'd much sooner have my years back:-)

  • If you are on a low income you can apply for an HC2 certificate, which gets you free prescriptions, dental treatment (if you can find and NHS dentist) eye checks and money off glasses. Don't know the income limit, will depend on dependents. The certificate lasts a year, and then you have to reapply (they don't remind you)

  • Thank you so much for that information, which is totally news to me. My brother-in-law has lupus nephritis, is on a cocktail of drugs and the kindly pharmacist advised him of the pre-payment certificate. However, he has been paying for everything else (or else foregoing treatment altogether).

  • Here is he link to the financial information


    Here is the link to the application page.


    It takes several weeks to get the certificate, but if you keep your prescription records after you apply, you can claim the costs back.

  • And if you apply online you can use the reference number instantly

  • Thank you!

  • And if you really want to save the pennies you can apply for 3 months prepayments £29.10 and ensure you get a full supply at the start and the end of the expiry, so will only need three 3 monthly certificates in a year, saving another £17 if you can be bothered

  • More fiddly since you can't buy the pass over the counter and more.

  • Well done.

  • My pharmacy also suggested applying for pre-payment and I got one for a year. When the renewal reminder came it alerted me that as my 60th birthday is only 4 months away, I would lose money if I bought another annual card. (I live in England)

  • Did they tell you that you could buy a three month one?

  • Yes, they did, and I got one.

  • There are different ways to save money . Epileptics don't pay for their prescription , over 60s don't , people on benefits , and people with HC2 certificates for low income people who don't get benefits . Of course there is the pre-payment . No doubt there are other's.

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