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Lasoprazole and apixiban

Good morning everyone. Regading lansoprozole and apixaban . I managedcto see my gp and she was somewhat vague but said yes she had heard something about lansoprazole but suggested not to come off it completely. So i am now on 15mg daily instead of 30 mgs daily. I have been taking lansoprazole for 3 years since the blood in my stomach and was taking pedaxa then. No problem since i was changed to apixiban but there is no way i want the lansoprazole to diminish the pretection apixiban gives me. No way do i want another stroke. I'll see how i go on the lower 15 mg dose and gradually stop this med i think maybe? To be honest i'm getting different advise from different people and very much feel i will have to see for myself.

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There is no reported interaction on the drug company's data sheet, but no point in taking lansoprazole now if asymptomatic and previous problem resolved.

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