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My story continued

Thank you for pre-cardio version reassurance. How lucky am I to have such a unit as Basildon Day Unit. In at 8.00 home by 1.00 (for lunch!)

I needed just one shock of lowest power to get my heart back to normal rhythm. What was the best part? Waking up to hear the heart monitor!

Angiogram now booked for September. Any preparatory advice would be much appreciated.

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Good news! Angiogram is no big deal and quite interesting to watch. When they put the contrast in you will think that you pee'd but this is normal and you didn't. You may have to lay flat for a while afterwards and avoid lifting anything heavy so make sure your other half carries your wallet. LOL

Take it easy.


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Great news! Im booked in for cardioversion at 8am on Friday 28th I hope my experience is like yours. Id be interested to know how you feel over the next few days. Have they told you to rest? What instructions did they give you just in case you go back into AF (but Im sure that you wont!!) Heather


Hi Heather

Advice given is more to do with the anaesthetic than the AF. Thus, take things easy for next 48 hours but walk around every so often. No driving or drinking!! for 24 hours etc. 3 month follow up appointment in outpatients.

I'll let you know how I get on over the next few days. Thanks for your concern.

Best wishes


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Good luck with the angio! It's great to hear you've had such a positive experience.



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