Mini blackouts

Started about month ago - don't lose consciousness (except for once) but bad enough to be admitted to Hospital via A&E for 4 days. Now on Bisoprolol 5mg x twice, Ramipril 1.25 x twice, Rivaroxaban 20 x once and due to visit Hospital again mid-August. Here is my question - when I get these attacks, my eyesight is affected. I do not see clearly and when I close my eyes, I see silver spots. Have not yet asked medics about this - for sure, my GP won't know; his knowledge of AF seems minimal, I'm afraid. Any help gratefully received.

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  • When I had my T.I.As my eyes were affected. I had migraine like symptoms alongside other symptoms which convinced the doctor it was a T.I.A. and not simply migraine. Since I have been on warfarin I have not had any more which is why I'm such a fan of being on anticoagulation. I had no lasting effects so my sight is fine. Incidentally, when I went to A and E they sent me home saying it was migraine. Eventually my G.P. sent me to a stroke clinic and the consultant recognised that I was in A.F. and therefore diagnosed that the episodes of migraine had in fact probably been T.I.A.s.

    I think you will probably be fine now you are on medication. Good luck. X

  • I used to go from AF back to normal rhythm with presyncope (near faint) which a 7 day Holter monitor showed was caused by a slight pause between AF stopping and the heart resuming normal rhythm. I had a pacemaker fitted in March 2014 which solved the problem although of course a pacemaker does not prevent AF

  • All my arrhythmia episodes cause me to almost loose consciousness. It is dreadful and I feel for you. When they come on I have hours of it I almost pass out then come back to full consciousness every few moments . It is terrifying so I feel for you. My vision is affected at the time too. Doc said it was due to interrupted blood flow as my atrhythmias are so violent,

    I asked to be referred to a neurologist as I was convinced there was something badly wrong however neurologist said everything was fine and it was due to the arrhythmia.

    If you are worried ask for a referral to put your mind at rest.

    Take care. It's frightening I know.


  • Good morning Fletch1, that is so scary, I know. I had one episode of AF while out having lunch with friends and I suddenly could not see, it was like a dark veil coming down over my eyes. I tried to stand up to go outside because I thought it was the heat and the next thing I knew was the Paramedic tending to me and yes, it was a TIA which is when I was put on Warfarin. (I am now on Rivaroxaban).

    Thank goodness for anti-coagulants as I have had no more TIA's.

    I eventually had a Pacemaker fitted as I was nearly fainting all the time and then I had AV Node ablation and I am happy to say this has solved my problem and I feel so much better.

    Any answers you are looking for will be here, this community is wonderful and they have seen me through my journey with all their help and support.

    I wish you well, are you seeing an ElectroPhysiologist (EP)? They are the experts on AF and will be able to help you more than your GP.

    Angel blessings to you.


  • thank you so much. I am in Hospital, having been fitted with pacemaker last Wed and am waiting medic's visits to see if I can go home tonight or tomorrow. TIA's were identified by consultant as cardio-inhibitory syncope but I was too groggy to ask him the difference between the two. What I do know is that it was very scary. I have gained a lot of info through using this web site but this Hospital has good reputation and I have been assigned a nurse I can contact when I need to know something.

  • Thank you all so much, that is exactly what it was like for me - very scary. Mid August, I am due to have a monitor for 24 hours and I shall be asking to see an EP after that. I agree, this site is wonderful. This interference with my life has been a shock since it was diagnosed last year on my 80th birthday but it helps to know there are so many people ready to sympathise and help. Thank you all

  • Coincidence - my 8oth also, diagnosed with AF and now 81

  • Just about to ask consultant on his round - shall let you know

  • All the best to you Fletch1, hope the Consultant gave you good news. You will be advised to take it easy when you get home, no lifting your arm as this could move a lead! Believe me that is not pleasant as it happened to me, pacemaker fitted early morning. Then fitted again late afternoon due to lead moving, so please just rest for a week or so.

    Angel Blessings and healing to you.


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