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Hello folks, I had my ablation 11months ago but it has'nt worked although early on I thought it had.

Mine is a second or two flutter/missed beat extra beat whatever you want to call it about 20times a day on a bad day. I tend to feel not to bad for 4or5week periods then it hits me hard and I end up being off work for a couple of days or a week if its a bad episode.i have a stressful job which makes me very tired by the end of the week and my recovery over the weekend sometimes isn't enough so after a few weeks my body or heart says that's enough and let's me know .The problem with work is they don't listen ,even to my consultants letter about how stress affects me.In meetings etc I can feel my heart telling me i am getting stressed out !

Does anybody else have these good spells followed by bad ?

Thanks for reading.


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You say it hasn't worked but I would say it has to some extent. Ectopics like you describe are not AF and whilst everybody gets them. only we AFers seem to get too focussed on them and once we do then it becomes a vicious circle. We all have stress in our lives or we wouldn't be human and stress really won't help so you need to find strategies to deal with it. CBT, hypnotherapy etc are all valid ways but do try something.

Regarding your employers , you do have rights as one with a long term condition so maybe need to speak to an employment specialist so that you can fend off this particular worry point. Do you have a union within your firm?

You are not alone in this. AF doesn't "look" anything to outsiders so nobody can see how you feel unlike a broken arm or leg so one often has to fight the corner.


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What were you experiencing before your ablation Col?

Were you having more or less the same as you are now and what are you calling a 'bad episode', is that AF?

I have not had an ablation myself and on no meds as I only have a couple/few irregular beats at a time at the moment but can have 20 of these a day. More likely to be 6-10 though.

My EP says there's nothing an ablation can do for episodes of ~ 30 seconds a time.

I imagine you are on medication of some sort too? Could it be that tiring you out?

Are you having decent sleep? Probably not if you're stressed.

I always feel awful when I'm not having decent sleep and find my irregular beats are always worse.

If I have things to worry about, ( and I can find them out of thin air !) it plays on my mind all night and even though I'm exhausted I still can't sleep.

Have you tried taking Ubiquinol or CoQ10? -Good for the heart and energy levels.



Time to change your job? I did. My last one was far too stressful and would have been a real problem had I continued. Packed it in 10 years ago now.

Mate up the road has gone from being MD of a company, to a self-employed window cleaner, and he'll only clean windows for nice people :-) . Good example I think.



Thanks for your support.

I don't take any meds ,and my heart is doing the same as before the ablation.

I don't worry at all about the condition as I have read all the good support on this site which eases my mind. I sleep very well and get plenty, the tiredness is after I work hard either physically or mentally.i.e helping my son knock a chimney breast down and lifting the bags of rubble I pay the price a few days later. i was always fit ,but since the heart probs I have slowed down drastically,even walking my legs feel like lead .

I am still only 52 yrs young !


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