coming of meds for a 48hr heart recording

hello I have stopped my bisoprolo of 2.5 and flecinide 50mg twice a day as from mon , and feel awful my pulse rate was 104 and I feel sick and dizzy just hope this passess soon , ive had ablation done last jan and looked successful , but just having tape done as I was getting etopics ,and they just want to put my mind at rest that's all they are , but have not had none as of yet since stopping meds . as anyone else felt awful coming of meds . went to see nurse and spoke to doctor who said puls rate fine some people live with it that high ? any advice please . my tape is being fitted tomoz for 48 hrs

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  • Hi duckpopper,The first time I came off bisoprolol I felt awful but I must have come off to quick so I went back on it and reduced the meds over 3 months,I,ve now been off all meds for 8 months and i,m fine.just do it slowly and see how it goes.

  • I'll bet it is the total withdrawal. HOpe you get helpful information back quickly. And back to whatever gives you some peace with the meds well dosed!

  • I take 5mg Bisoprolol in the morning and warfarin at tea time. I have had 2 cardioversions both worked for a short time. I am going to see an EP on the 9/1/15 so fingers crossed. I've found if my heart rate stays under 100 I can cope...anything over 100bpm and I feel rubbish unfortuatley my average bpm is around 110 thats with the bisoprolol.

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