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Not been diagnosed yet

Hi all im new on this site. I have had 5 episodes of my heart really beating fast while im in bed has woke me up a couple of times. Went to gpas i have hashimotos and belong to thyroid site a lady on there had the same thing so i thought i best go gp sent me for ecg and it came back borderline abnormality cant remember what is all said as my daughter has taken print out to gp. Where do i go from here x

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Hi Lifeback and welcome to the forum.

Well in all honesty a GP is not the right person to interpret your ECG, you need a specialist it's a complex area and you need to ask to be referred to a cardiologist.

It's then likely that unless they can catch you with this fast heart rate on your ECG at your visit, they will ask for a 24 hr or maybe even 7 day monitor, which is simply an ECG over a longer period so they can find out what your heart is doing, and then they will advise you what the next steps will be.

Be well



Hi Lifeback. I agree with Ian re asking for a referral. I also have an auto immune disease but developed heart arrythmias before the Myasthenia gravis.

Although heart arrythmias can make you feel horrible and can be very frightening, they are not life threatening.

They also can be treated, however, do be careful about whatever you are prescribed as things like Betablockers for instance are known to exacerbate my Mg and don't presume that a cardiologist will have knowledge of Hishomotos.

Arrythmias are also sometimes triggered by thyroid so ensure you see your Hishomotos specialist and that he knows what is happening, again don't assume that he/she will pick this up.

Life becomes more complicated when you have more than one condition. I would advise that you keep copies of all letters from specialists to your GP, if you are not getting them go to your GP or hospital and register to receive them, and keep in your own file and take with you to every appointment. Don't rely on the NHS administration as in my experience there are huge gaps.

Very best wishes CD

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thanks for replys i did speak to my endo on wednesday he told me people with hashis dont get trouble with their heart something else he needs to learn. am waiting for gp to get in touch with me re ecg wonder how long that will take


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