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Heart rate

Following 24hour ECG, during which I did stress myself, got resulting he between 55 and 157, average being 78..

Cardio said it was a bit fast and put me on 2.5 bisop.

When checked by nurse 2 weeks later resting hr was 78. Prior to bishop. my best hr was always mid 70s, so I could see no change. My b/p has reduced from high end of normal to low end.

GP has told me to stay on same dose bishop. It doesn't make sense to me because if my hr hasn't changed surely I need a stronger dose.

I have asymptomatic persistent AF.

Any comments as I'm seeing GP in 2 weeks.

Many thanks.

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I think your are confusing average with resting. If your HR was going up to 157 then it was much too fast for comfort. Your resting rate tested at that time of 78 was on the high end of normal but presumably controlled by the bisoprolol. You can't compare average with spot testing and bisprolol works to stop the rate going up so if you don't experience a racing heart then things are working. For sure the least amount of the stuff you can be on the better.



I'm not on Bisoprolol, but I've found that my meds reduced my exercising HR by about 12bpm, but they haven't affected my resting HR at all. It's still about 43-45.


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