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Affibers Take Heart... (Pun intended)

This last few months have really been good for those seeking treatment for AF. There have been quite a few studies reported which show great promise in treatment of AF.

The new 3D mapping equipment for use during an ablation, The newest FIRM reports form Dr. Sanjiv Narayan and now the DECAAF briefing by Dr Nassir Marrouche. It has been quiet for a long stretch of time with no major advances in AF treatment and now they are all coming together.

This latest report (DECAAF) is a major factor in determining the expected success of the ablation and can provide info that may really increase the success rate. Here is a brief that was posted about the report:


"I believe this DECAAF briefing by Dr Marrouche is one of the biggest findings reported in 2013. It has implications for when and if a person is going to have an ablation and makes sense out of the mixed results of ablation.

Simply put:

Hypertension is the only predictor of the degree of atrial fibrosis in people with atrial fibrillation, and increasing amounts of fibrosis were associated with increased risk of afib recurrence following ablation. MRI screening for fibrosis before afib ablation is available, simple, quick, and should be iroutinely done prior to ablation. The Utah scoring system provides a framework to classify fibrosis and predict outcomes.

There was no drumroll or fanfare, but there should have been. Anything that makes sense out of the understanding of the mechanisms of afib and improves treatment is big news.


Here is a link to the brief and video of the report:

One article I read about all of the recent advances in AF treatments asked a simple question " Is this the beginning of the end of Afib?"

So Again.... Affibers.. Take Heart!


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Just imagine the possibility of a future without feeling you have a time bomb strapped to your chest - sheer bliss. One day if things continue to advance at a pace this could become a reality. Just love the point 'Is this the beginning of the end for Afib?' - can you picture the relief.

Thanks for the update Tim.


Such a nice thought.....good stuff!


Seems the end may well be closer than we have dreamed.....hope so.


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