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What's gout got to do with it?

Hi,I'm new to this,very helpful..I have AF,but,i don't think that i've ever had an 'attack'.It was diagnosed because I developed a blood clot in my left eye,which impedes my vision.I also have sleep apnea which was not diagnosed for a long while,I'm sure that didn't help.I was prescribed 10mg Ramipril,2.5mg Bisoprolol and Warfarin.All was well until the dose of Bisprolol was increased to 5.0mg.Since then I have had 4 bad bouts of gout this year,could'nt put my foot on the floor,housebound for up to 5 days..Am i right to lay the blame on the beta blocker?What do you think?

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Cant comment personally but I have a cousin on the same meds as you and suffers with gout since being on them. Don't know if it is coincidence but he really has a bad time with it.

He has been prescribed meds for the gout but I don't think his doc has particularly accepted his drug cocktail is to blame. Incidentally my cousin does think there is a connection.

Speak with your GP or you could ask your pharmacist. Good luck.


First, may I say OUCH!!! That is so painful! Sorry you are suffering. You may indeed feel free to blame your beta blocker, as they are a class of medication that can trigger attacks of gout. Also look at your diet, as lots of foods even healthy ones like spinach or sardines can increase the levels of uric acid and that is what causes crystals to form around a joint, usually the big toe, and inflict all that pain. Alcohol is a trigger too. The good news is that there are many classes of BP medications. You are also on an ACE inhibitor, Ramipril. Let your doctor know that the Bisoprolol may be contributing to your gout and maybe he or she can switch the beta blocker to a different class of drug. Are you getting medication for your gout? Ask for a list of foods that trigger too and hopefully you can get it all straightened out.

Good luck and I hope you are feeling better today!


Cherries are good for gout, in any form about eight a day. Terjo


I can't say for sure, but the next weekend after I can home from the hospital, after being diagnosed with Afib, I too had my first Gout attack and thought I would "die" from the pain. Being on Coumadin I was afraid to take anything for the pain. Got to the doctor on Monday, got diagnosed and treated. But I still have some minor "toe" pain and am fighting to get a med that will continually treat the inflammation. It's called Colcrys. Hope to have it by Monday. This has gone on for a month. Unfortunatly, I go to a clinic and can't call a doctor or do anything until they are open. Good luck with your.treatment.


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