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Inappropriate forum activity

Dear forum members

Unfortunately, over the last couple of weeks we have had complaints from members in the forum who are not happy with certain activity, including abusive and derogatory comments.

This forum is aimed at sharing and informing others with AF. The following will not be accepted:

1. Naming and shaming individuals

2. Abusive, malicious or misleading information

3. Promotional content

4. Scaremongering

Moderation helps maintain positive, open discussion and content may be edited or removed to ensure that the community is supportive and responsive to the majority.

In extreme cases where individuals have to be restricted, we will closely monitor activity to ensure they cannot rejoin masquerading as another person.

If you have any concerns, please send a private message to us and do not discuss this on the public forum, which is aimed at discussing AF-related topics only.

Thank you for your support and kind cooperation.


AF Association Team

3 Replies

Thank you so much for interveening - support is needed by all on this site.



Hope its nothing I have said?


No this was a matter four months ago. Don't worry.



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