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How well do you know your condition?

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What is this? The 2 answers do not seem to cover the ‘real’ possible answers..

Such as:

Know my condition Very Well, and am Satisfied with all information currently available to me!

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Buffafly in reply to cpalmermn

That is because it is an advert for Patients Day 😀

insufficient depth in the questions

I live in Spain so docs here don't think you are entitled to know !

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Bambi65 in reply to Cumbremar5

is that really true or just being sarcastic?

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Cumbremar5 in reply to Bambi65

True I'm afraid

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Bambi65 in reply to Cumbremar5

well, thats just total BS.... I hope you get ALL the information you need to make a really great decision for YOU. My docs work for me, they are just my consultants, not my boss. How can anyone make a decision about their health and/or treatments without knowing all the facts, options both medical and non medical. Well your in a great place here to learn alot from real people. Each of us have our own personal chapters in this book we have called AFIB. Each of us have different experiences, different approaches, and the AFIB is different for each of us. Read, ask all the questions you want no matter what they are. We are here for ya. Welcome !

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Cumbremar5 in reply to Bambi65

Thank you have been greatly assured

and informed by all in relation to my AF in the absence of empathy and information from the doctors here in Spain their health system is nothing like our NHS.

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Desanthony in reply to Bambi65

How do you know that is total BS as you purportedly live on a different continent with a completely different health system. How rude and bad mannered of you.

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hywell in reply to Cumbremar5

Move !

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Goosebumps365 in reply to hywell

That is simply a rude and unnecessary response

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Desanthony in reply to hywell

Not always possible you know another rude and bad mannered response.

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queseyo in reply to Cumbremar5

My GP in Australia thinks the same but I insist with questions. This week had a phatology test and pay an small fee for them to send mi a copy with the results so I will have more questions to make...we should have the right to know to keep an eye on them, in case they make mistakes by careless...often happens.

The condition changes so always looking for information and also new treatments. I have a dilated cardiomyopathy and AF and it the moment different symptoms.

Seems to me to be a perfectly adequate questionnaire. I have read up about my condition and believe I have enough information to always ask questions and know what works for me. I also am always interested to know new information that has a scientific and/or anecdotal basis. Keeping informed is the best way for me to help my body.

Interesting, AF is not very bad and so I hesitate to ask doctors too many questions. Particularly at this difficult time.

I was only told by my family that I had AF after a long period in ICU. I also now take blood thinning medication for it but have been more interested in brain tumour and thyroid removal

I wish that you would arrange some decent research on our varied experience of drugs etc with a good deal more than six participants!

With thanks

I have proximal Afib and know my condition. How can I find names of the most qualified experienced doctors in southern ca (I live in Costa Mesa). That info is so hard to find and I don’t know that take my word for it is a good approach. Any recommendations?

Thinly veiled advert for patients day. Good effort 😊

I am 80 years old but try to live an active life, like walking and socialising etc. I have had AF for 15/20 years and had an ablation after a year of different tablets, also several hospital visits. Since the last one I have been on Flecanaide and Riveroxoban and potter along quite nicely, also coping with other things like Fibromyalgia. So at my age I don’t think anything is going to change much, it’s quite interesting to read other people’s experiences though!

This AF forum has virtually taught me all about the condition and has been an invaluable friend. Thank you.

My main source of information is our practice nurse. Gillian