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Train YouTube to value prostate cancer videos and help our community's videos reach more men, and raise prostate cancer awareness.

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now can change my "will help" to "have already."

Also subbed.

I subscribed, Darryl.

P.S. I also ordered Dr. Walsh's book >>> "Dr. Patrick Walsh's Guide to Surviving Prostate Cancer"

Thank you for all you do Darryl. Your my kind of people ha. I would gladly be interviewed by you.I have watched and very valuable. I will make a point to subscribe.

Disappointing to see 49 to do and 10 that have done so. Hopefully the numbers will increase or people have done so but not responded to your query.

Darryl, I would love to do this but You Tube has banned me from subscribing or commenting for attempting to expose Hunter Bidens criminal activities.

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I'm going fishing. Real fishing man. With a pole etc. at a lake. I cant take it no more.

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Hey brothers hope you can help out by subscribing to Malecare You tube.Very useful for us and newcomers along with the public at large. As with networking one thing leads to another and good things can come about from a wide berth of people interacting.

Already subscribed and shared a few times