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There are many sources of information but we all have our preferences. Where do you get information that you value?

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I only trust information from credible sources; none of which are listed.

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MsJackie in reply to phokys

So what do you consider to be credible sources?

There is insufficient granularity in the choices. I use the internet but only sites which are documenting and linking sources.

Shnookie the Internet - my phone and cable news

I think it's important to add Independent Online Channels (Youtube Channels, Substack, Patreon); that's primarily where I get my news. I avoid any journalist/journalism owned by a large corporation.

This poll sponsored by the normies!

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KarenADHDWeeklyPartner in reply to minutiaepast

Actually, this poll was placed by a member of CHADD's NRC. I understand many people have others sources of information. Which ones do you prefer or find knowledgeable? We are interested in how we can best serve the ADHD community and this is one way we learn what our community members are looking for in their information.




Like the others who lamented the options, I prefer medical resources and personal blogs. Though, I am discriminative in which sites I'd consider useful due to the replication crisis in science/academia. The blogs authors I follow are good about actually reading the papers, understanding them and their methods, and translating that information into a calibrated measure of validity and applicability to patients.

For example, I like, but they are hit and miss in doing this due diligence. Sometimes they omit the sample size in human studies, and usually they ignore the methods and whether or not its replicated. Few mainstream health resources that are freely available weight research on it's strength of proof. Yet, on the other side of this, paid services like UpToDate just entirely avoid experimental research because they're so stringent in only consolidating well-established knowledge.

I'd like a balance between the two since my individual responsivity to treatment is such that most mainstream options are intolerable.

Agreed on all points, especially the part about individual responsivity to treatment making mainstream options intolerable. It really is challenging to find answers. Not sure where you are, but I'm in the US and its exhausting trying to find answers from a source other than some soulless corporation trying to sell me another pill with 36 side-effects that will make me feel worse.