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Where do you get trusted information on ADHD? Let us know in the comments why you prefer that source and your child's age.

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I perform periodic Medline searches for medical literature publications on ADHD, most recently to see the peer reviewed publications on the effectiveness of physical activity and exercise on ADHD and related to treatment with vitamins based upon frequent "HealthUnlocked" posts on the latter topic, I check the DOE website for posted updates (there have been few in last few years) of the law as it relates to disabilities in general and ADHD specifically as well as periodic Lexis research on the outcome of efforts to compel school compliance with the IDEA and Rehabilitation Act within my state.

Mostly I get it from autistic adults who have co-occurring ADHD. They have been, by far, the most accurate, insightful source I’ve found.

Youtube videos by people who have ADHD. Especially those who speak about their experiences and how they relate. HOW TO ADHD especially. I have been able to pull out some information from some books. CHADD was really helpful. I didn't like the lecture video, I found the guy slightly offensive, however it motivated me to reframe by child's distraction to focused attention. This did not come out about positively, but because I balked at his POV toward the end. I found my reaction interesting, especially as not many seemed to share it. 7rs old.


I have it myself, but learned to cope long ago and I'm not the hyperactive type like my child is. Our pediatrician isn't particularly supportive, unfortunately. He always told me he was "just all boy" not even giving me a referral for evaluation until someone else did first. After we got a diagnosis in March (after the 4th evaluation - age related and he's borderline) he is suddenly all "He won't reach his full potential without meds" and "...for someone as hyper as him." Seriously??

I prefer science-based information and reliable sources and not just pill pushers or scams. I also watch the videos by How To ADHD on YouTube and can really relate to some of them. I've been reading the latest edition of Russell Barkley's Taking Charge of ADHD as well.

Our doctor is incredibly knowledgeable and compassionate and has given us invaluable information. I also appreciate experts that I find on YouTube such as Russell Barkley and Ned Hallowell. By other media, I was referring to podcasts by ADHD organizations and aforementioned experts.

I subscribe to ADDitude magazine. It's turned me on to so many other resources such as CHADD and now this community. I've also found you tube channels that have been super helpful. How to ADHD and Totally ADD are two great resources!

Books and a podcast

I'm a therapist myself, so that's been helpful, with my kiddo who turned out to have ADHD, but I still am constantly learning more about this all the time, as I do not have it. I know the basics and some helpful life skills and parenting skills for it but implementing them with consistency and patience is HARD because PARENTING these motor-tastic kids is CHALLENGING often times! They are often brilliant and funny and artistic or gifted but MAN do they tire us out and push our buttons! It's SOOOO dramatic all the time! So, yeah, just because I'm a therapist and "know" doesn't mean I know. And I am constantly needing to research (YouTube is my friend.. so is google--- for medical sites) to get more info and more ideas and to refresh my memory as well. Godspeed, my fellow brave parents of ADHD parents and God bless you! 💗👍😆