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I have never been a skinny girl but I have never been as big as I am at the minute some people wouldn’t class me as big but I feel it. Every time I try to diet i seem to do well the first week then mess it up on week 2. I love food but I love all the wrong kinds of foods and don’t no when to stop at times. I got married last year and my hubby is always saying you look fine your beautiful just as you are but this doesn’t help me when I want to get back to a healthy size and all my nice clothes to fit me again instead of wearing the same 3/4 outfits all the time. I really don’t no what to do he does support me in my weight loss but I always seem to find myself back on the path to eating the wrong food. If anyone has any advice on what I can do this would be greatly appreciated. xx

8 Replies
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What are the foods you consider to be the wrong foods?

It sounds to me like your diet history is the classic restrict-overeat cycle, ie you eat too little or try to survive on cabbage/juices/horrible meal replacements and then you run out of willpower and end up overeating and gaining whatever you have lost...

I would recommend that you find out how many calories you can eat and still lose weight and then start tracking your food and eating at the top/middle of the calorie range suggested.

Cook most meals from scratch, eat a balanced diet, get enough protein and fibre, don’t be afraid to a good percentage of your calories from healthy fats.

And join us here in the forum for challenges, weigh ins and chats. It really helps to get daily support.

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Hello and welcome to the Weight Loss Forum 1991baby 😊

I agree with Pippiruns, first you need to look at what and how you are eating and see where you can make the changes. Very briefly, the current recommendations are to watch portion size, eat more fresh vegetables and avoid snacking. Don’t try to under-eat as this leads to hunger and bingeing, and don’t eat too little fat, it’s an essential nutrient and very good for satiety.

If you haven’t already then please see Pinned Posts here

especially the Welcome Newbies and the Security Post.

This is a very busy forum with lots going on but feel free to ask if you have any questions.

Best Wishes in your weight loss journey

Indigo 😊

Hi Pippi has given you a great reply! I'd just add that it helps like Really Helps if you can get out of the "diet mentality". Think healthy food and lifestyle instead. Concentrating on making healthy choices rather than banning foods or feeling guilty for eating them is probably the most empowering tool you can use! Willpower alone Never Ever works long-term. Ultimately we have to find a path we're happy to walk. Be kind to yourself you've got this!

Oh and it's lovely that you've got such a fab husband 😀

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I'm on similar journey and what I found to really help is the combination of the below

-EXERCISE: working out for weight loss helps you stay focused, makes you reach for healthier options, releases endorphins and feel good hormones which we sometimes seek from consuming certain foods(if you are not at a gym, even a brisk walk outside for 30-40 mins will help you)

-FIBER Consumption: Increasing your fiber intake, helps you feel full for longer, prevents blood sugar spikes, controls cravings (I include 200gr of broccoli in each meal with a teaspoon of olive oil and some lemon juice, seems to do the magic)

BALANCE: Ensure you have a balanced meal each time and one that you actually like. Protein-carbs-healthy fats and fiber, so that you feel full and satisfied. Your meals don't have to be boring or tasteless, think of foods you like and make combinations you will enjoy. I use lots of herbs and colours in my plate so that apart from nutrients balance I get a tasty and appealing meal:)

FOOD TRACKING: MyFitnessPal is a great app for food tracking. Once you start tracking your food it will help you understand how calorie dense some foods are, and make you control your portions.

SUSTAINABILITY: Don't go too rigid on your diet for a week and then feel like you have to eat it all at once. Follow a healthy diet but include a small amount of your "naughty" foods so that you can stay consistent for longer. (I am having an occasional piece of choccolate every week and some pop corn which I like just too much! )

BREAK DOWN YOUR TARGET: Breaking down your total target into few smaller ones will help you remain patient and consistent. I have 12kg to lose, but if I am -2 by the end of this month, I'll be happy.

RECOGNISE&REWARD: Everytime I reach my targets I reward myself with a new pair of leggins for the gym or a top. A simple trick to make me feel happy and continue.

I hope this helps and wish you best of luck! X

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BridgeGirlAdministrator in reply to HealthyBalance

Hello and welcome, HealthyBalance - what a positive name 😊

This is a busy place with loads of support and information to help you on your way and we've put everything you need into this Welcome Newbies post. I recommend joining a weekly weigh in on the day of your choice, and using the Daily Diary, where members log their meal plans and get useful feedback.

You might also enjoy the NO Snack NOvember challenge which you'll find in Pinned Posts.

Please also read this information about security/privacy

To make the most of the forum, join in with activities, read and reply to posts, ask questions and encourage others – it will all pay off for you 😊

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HealthyBalance in reply to BridgeGirl

Hi BridgeGirl,

Thank you so much for the warm welcome and all the details :) I am still getting my head around the forum and how it works. Where do I weigh in and how do I track my progress?

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BridgeGirlAdministrator in reply to HealthyBalance

You're welcome :) Have a good look at the Welcome Newbie post that I've linked for you, above. That describes the different areas of the forum and how to find them, with pictorial guides for laptop, tablet and phone. The Daily Diary and the weekly weigh ins are in Events

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HealthyBalance in reply to BridgeGirl

Great! Thank you very much :)

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