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How to stay motivated when the scales stay the same :)

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Hi everyone, have loved reading all your comments. I started on Monday 31st Dec - have always been overweight, and have twice in my life successfully gotten to an acceptable weight, but have not managed this for over 5 years now. Recently diagnosed with hypertension so determined to succeed again. However, finding it frustrating when sticking to my plan (the NHS Fitness and weight loss 12 week plan) and after 10 days, no weight has been lost. Trying to be patient but it's quite demoralising. Anyone have any tips?? Thanks.

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Hello Foogirl and welcome to the forum 😊

I wonder if you're not eating enough. You may have been misled by the generic 1400 figure but you need to get a calorie range specific to you from the NHS BMI calculator and work within that range.

This Welcome Newbies post explains how the forum works and will help you find your way around Please take your time reading it so you get the best out of your time here.

A good way to start would be joining a weekly weigh in. You'll get to know a supportive bunch of people who will appreciate your support, too. Here's the link to today's: click on it and read the opening post which will explain all

We also ask that you read this information about internet privacy and security I see your post isn't locked.

Take your time exploring and come back with any questions 😊

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chrisoula in reply to BridgeGirl

BridgeGirl thank you for your info, I m wondering if is another way to check /find what is our range of our metabolism.I read about oxygen methods , or others witch is costing a lot of money.

Im a woman 49 years and I can not loose weight when I eat in the middle of my range is 1596 -2052 cal

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IndigoBlue61Maintainer in reply to chrisoula

Hello chrisoula, Bridgegirl has had to pop out so has asked me to answer you 😊

There are several factors to consider for fat loss, calorie intake is just one. First of all, the range is a guideline, and some need to be higher or lower. Over a period of several weeks you will see if this is too high or low for you.

Exercise and how much you move has an effect also.

And lastly, WHAT you eat is important. I’ve had a quick look at your Daily Diary entry from yesterday and it tells me very little . . . Can you go over to today's and give me details of quantities etc and I will go through it with you?

Im stupid, and cant find the today's daily dairy !

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IndigoBlue61Maintainer in reply to chrisoula

You’re not stupid, it’s a busy forum with lots going on! Here it is

I use the "my fitness pal" link to count the meals and the cal and I m in 40% fat, 40% carbs and protein 20% . But in a week i stay exactly in the same weight and I am not serious hunger

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IndigoBlue61Maintainer in reply to chrisoula

One week isn’t always long enough for scales to show a weight loss. Stick with it, and as I said to Foogirl, use other measures such as energy levels, inch loss and how you feel in yourself. 😊

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Hello and welcome Foogirl 😊

Have a good read of all the information and then join the Daily Diary and tell us what you’re eating and I’m sure we can help.

If it’s any consolation I have never lost weight in a steady linear pattern, i tend to stay the same one week and lose more the week after, and lost nothing at all in my first week ☹️

Stick with it, if you are following the plan you will be losing fat, maybe inches rather than scale weight. At the end of the day, we want to lose fat and inches rather than weight

Best wishes

thank you IndigoBlue61, ok I see my scale in Tuesday!

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IndigoBlue61Maintainer in reply to chrisoula

You’re welcome 😊

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