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Non cookers?

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So i want to get better with my eating habits and hopefully lose weight in the process, however apart from eggs. I do not cook. And in my frezeer is micrwave meals. For when my money runs out. Coz im Always out and about. I eat on the go or eat out and everyhings very much about convenience. Last year i prepped and ate salads for a month whit as much as i like healthy food it was way to timely and costly to keep up with. And ive bought cook books and healthy earing stuff, but even the most basic books, use terminalnolgy to advance for my not cooking, virgin to a kitchen brain to handle! Thoughts?

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Hi im not a very good cook so invested in a slow cooker, put all the ingredients in there and as if by magic it comes out ok! One pot wonders

Hi, Viki1987, Welcome.

It depends where you live (or get to in the day).

Here I can get OAP/small plate meals every day and walk there and back, and I could avoid eating in the same place more than once a week.

You have to look carefully in supermarkets to find suitable food, but you can buy chicken spare parts, or plain fish fillets (to bake with olive oil in kitchen foil).

If you want good food cost-effectively, I think that growing your own bean sprouts works well.

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Hi and welcome, Viki1987 :)

If you can cook eggs, you can cook a whole host of things. Boiling, poaching, frying and baking are just exactly the same ways of cooking for all foods. There are some very simple recipes in Topics and if you join our daily diary, you'll get all the ideas and assistance you need :)

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When you say you don't cook - is this just you can't be bothered to cook / you don't think you have time to cook or you lack confidence to cook?

Would it be something you would have a go at if it meant eating healthier and costing you less or is it just something you don't feel you can do?

Trying to find a way of eating healthily without cooking yet without spending a lot of money - you may struggle!

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It sounds to me like you don’t have much confidence Viki1987, cooking, like most things, improve with practice 😊

Maybe start with the eggs, how do you cook them? Have you made an omelette for example?

There are some really good videos online for cooking too which are really good. Food is such a pleasure, it’s a shame to miss out. 😊

I wasn’t a good cook and didn’t like to be in the kitchen. I got a slow cooker a casserole pack of veg add some meat salt and pepper any herbs I had maybe a bit of curry switch on low and 6 to 8 hrs later food for 4 to 6 meals. Have 1 save 1 freeze the rest for another time . Now I am getting a lot better. If I can do it I am sure you can. 😊😊

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How about an evening class? That’s how I learnt to cook properly, decades ago. But why not use YouTube videos? You can learn absolutely anything on YouTube. Or old videos of Delia Smith’s How to Cook course? Actually one of Delia Smith’s cookbooks is called How to Cook an Egg, and I presume is very basic.

Just try it, you will surprise yourself. Actually I think absolutely anyone CAN cook, but maybe some of these TV cookery programmes nowadays like Bake Off make it look much harder than it is.

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Cat33Restart June 2021

I totally agree about the slow cooker they are amazing so easy There are lots of nice easy slow cooker recipes too The Works have good ones

Good luck

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Craftyperson1st 7lbs

I'd say same as everyone else start small and build up try making soup that's so easy you can even buy packets of ready chopped veg to save time but cheaper if do yourself. Slow cookers are great can put everything in in morning and come home to a lovely meal.

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