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Hello from a newbie

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Hello, I’m a newbie, Jules, aged 53 from Portsmouth.

I decided that it’s time to make a change for the better, lose weight and get fit and embrace a healthy lifestyle.

Much to my dismay and horror I stepped on the scales on Sunday to find that I’m the heaviest I’ve ever been, 14 stone 10lb. I’m short at 5ft 2”, and calculated mt BMI, admitting for the first time I’m obese and need to do something about it.

I changed my job earlier this year to be happier and not so stressed but that came at a financial price, so unfortunately I don’t have the luxury of being able to pay weekly to join SW or WW. It is also a more desk bound job so I’m more sedentary. That’s the negatives out of the way!

The positives are that I’ve made an appointment to see my GP on 25 Jan (earliest available) as my surgery have 1 to 1 sessions available with a health trainer and I want proper, realistic advice from my doctor to support my weight loss. I asked for a Fitbit for my birthday in Nov and have started using that.

I’ve bought a second hand treadmill & exercise bike to start my exercise off. I love walking and enjoy nothing more than putting my trainers on, my earphones in and walking the shoreline or laps around Baffins Pond, but don’t feel safe doing it after work whilst it’s still dark and cold, so I’m looking forward to weekends and lighter evenings in Spring.

I know I can lose weight and do have will power as 8 years ago I lost 3 stone at SW before I got married. I just need a focus, some encouragement and maybe an opportunity to meet some new walking or Fitbit buddies, as walking on my own can be lonely and I’m more likely to be motivated to go if I’ve made an arrangement and wouldn’t want to let someone else down.

So say hi, share any useful tips and suggest how best I can use this site. Thanks for listening.

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Hello Yafyop and a very warm welcome to the Weight Loss Forum 😊

Well done on taking the first step to a healthier fitter you 👏

To make navigating the forum easier, we've put all the information you'll need in a newbie pack and here's the link


I also highly recomend coming onto the forum regularly, daily if you can, reading posts and replying to others. Being part of a community is proven to help weight loss.

The advice you will receive here is second to none, and it’s completely free. Whilst none of us are medically trained we are all following a weight loss regime and can offer impartial and non-judgemental help and support. Like most things in life, the more you come onto the forum and support others, the more support you will receive in return

With regards to eating, the best advice I can give is have enough to eat. If you are following the NHS 12 Week plan then the 1400/1900 calorie target suggested is a just generic amount, please check your own personal calorie target using the BMI checker, it’s often higher than you think. We always advise starting towards the top of the range, being hungry is the biggest cause of weight loss failure

Lastly, but most importantly, for your own privacy and safety online we suggest that you lock your posts by selecting ‘followers in my community’ when you write a new post. Please read our security post here.


Best wishes in your weight loss journey 😊

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Welcome Yafyop :)

You're doing some good thinking and planning. Finding a healthy eating plan you can enjoy for life will be key to you losing weight and keeping it off, much more so that your exercise regime, though that has great benefits in itself.

I would recommend joining a weekly weigh in team. It's not just about posting our weights (which wouldn't be very interesting or helpful) but about supporting each other, so do take a few minutes to give a few words of encouragement to others. Here's the link for the brilliantly names Wednesday Wobble Warriors healthunlocked.com/nhsweigh... but you can go for whichever day works best for you.

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Welcome Yafyop

Admire you for putting your happiness first and changing your job! Come and join us tomorrow in the Wednesday Wobble Warriors! It's a great community and we are all putting our best feet forward for 2019.

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