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Giving fattening food the sack x

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Yesterday was a real turning point for me when a colleague put Victoria Sponge, Red Devils food cake and Coffee and Walnut sponge. It was totally enjoyable to see all my peers wolf down all the fat sugar and calories.

You know what I did? Had a fat free apple.

Yep I am half way there guys and gals, looking forward to my early morning jog tomorrow.

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Well done Chataholic, you showed great restraint and your insides will thank you 😊

Have you seen the Daily Chat thread? This kind of post is perfect for there 😊

Well done on resisting. Enjoy the jog.


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lucigretAdministrator in reply to Lallis

Good afternoon Lallis, are you just passing through supporting on your way, or would you like to join us in our quest to loose weight?

I was just passing through, coming from C25K where I'm a Chataholic follower

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