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Healthy easy lunch. Smoked salmon.

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Hi hi :)

I find it hard to find really healthy lunch but this is so yummy and only 254 cal.

I shop at aldi so everything is from there but you can get it from anywhere.

1 sandwich thins cut up

Spread a small amount of lighter than light Philadelphia

Cut up chunks of smoked salmon and put on the thins,

Cut up spring on Ian Finley and tomatoes and sprinkle over.

Add a poached egg

A bit of sweet chilli sauce to add more taste

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It looks delicious, Yw, but I'd go for original Philly every time :)

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Ywxxx4lbs in reply to moreless

I find the original too strong for me 😂 but is there any reason why original is better, I know sometimes the ‘lighter’ stuff is actually worse x

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morelessAdministrator in reply to Ywxxx

I'd never advise a low fat/fat free/light version of anything. It's more processed, generally doesn't taste as good, often has added sugar/sweeteners/flavour enhancers and doesn't satiate as well.

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bikegrrrlRestart Sept 2021

But what will Ian Finley say ...? (Oooh that predictive text!)

Seriously that looks amazing. I am a fan of Aldi smoked salmon, especially the pack of trimmings which is soooo cheap. Thanks for sharing that v attractive looking lunch.

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Ywxxx4lbs in reply to bikegrrrl

Your welcome, i find that this is so healthy and actually fills me up. And not expensive. All those ingredients would last me at least a week worth of lunches.

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lea57-49r4st 7lbs

Hi, this really appeals to me and I love eggs so I like the addition of a poached egg. I like everything you have used and I will try this. Thank you for sharing. Best wishes.

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Ywxxx4lbs in reply to lea57-49r

Your welcome, I hope you enjoy it. Just finished eating it and feel satisfied I won’t need anything until dinner. Well maybe a yoghurt or something later.

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Lovely food I am going to pinch that meal. Ywxxx Thankyou. 😊

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That looks lovely, so inviting and fresh :)

I'd have to have something else with it as my calorie range is 1450 - 1870, so I aim for around 500+ cals for each meal. I'd probably add in some nuts and full strength Philly, and maybe an oil or mayo dressing.

Mmmm, your meal looks extremely colourful and appetising. Yum!

Zest :-)

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That’s obviously a “proper” poached egg. I’ve tried all sorts of creating a simmering whirlpool and adding a spot of vinegar, but I always end up with just a pan of cloudy water. What’s your secret?

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Ywxxx4lbs in reply to PandQs

Put the egg in just before the water starts to boil, use a spatula or wooden spoon or something and lift it away from the bottom of the pan, when you see the egg starting to whiten turn down the heat and leave it until the whites are hard and yoke is soft :) that’s what I do. Hope it helps.

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PandQsMaintainer in reply to Ywxxx

I’m going to have a go at that today, thanks :)

I love that Ian Finley made it onto your lunch 😂 other than Ian it sounds lovely. Glad it’s not just me with the typos.

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Ywxxx4lbs in reply to Belles18

I should really check everything before posting 😂

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