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Hi! I recently relapsed into anorexia after several months of healthy eating. I’m hiding it from my family because I don’t want the attention. At the same time I do, I want help. Trapped.

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In my experience hiding the problem doesn't work for long - family and friends soon pick up there's an issue - and all the secrecy is extremely tiring and painful - sharing the issue is hard but its the first steps to getting the help you need - so don't let the illness beat you - seek help before it takes hold again. Its not about seeking attention - you have an illness and if it was a broken arm you'd seek treatment - so in the same way - seek help, get support and beat this disease.

Thanks so much for the encouragement:)

Please do reach out to someone in the family to share what’s going on so you can get the help you need. They’ll want to help and the most important thing here is that recovery is tough and long journey so relapses are always a possibility, please speak to someone and get help.

Thank you, I’m going to try to do the right thing

If you need anyone to talk to on here please come back and share or ask questions. Xx

Ana wants you to keep it a shameful secret but you should tell your loved ones

If you bring in loved ones it's like betraying Ana and that's what you need to do to break away from this destructive relationship - you will never be thin enough for Ana it wants you dead

You could see this as a lapse and not a relapse and start healthy eating today