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How do I reach out for help my mum works at my GP surgery?

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Obviously I know that my gp wouldn’t just waltz into her office and tell her but I don’t want to meet her there and also it confronts me with the fact that my parents would have to know eventually which bloody terrifies me. I’m scared because over the last year it’s got so much worse and developing into some sort of multi-tentacled Octopus with an iron grip. In my head I always recovery starting with some sort of discovery of my disorder by someone I know (Aka someone telling me I need to recover) but seeing as I’ve managed to pretty much hide my problem since the age of 12 I don’t think that’s a realistic possibility, especially since I’ve noticed that people don’t like to confront problems if at all possible. So any tips/help would be genuinely a god send xxx

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My dear, it sounds like this monster is overwhelming you.

I think the time has come to deal with this beast before it either kills you or causes permanent damage to your health.

You have to prioritise yourself above everything else. If you can't yet tell your parents, you need to at least start getting external help and talking to someone, to prepare yourself to let your parents know.

Without taking concrete action now, you will be stuck in this cocoon for years, deteriorating your health over the years and ending up physically and mentally in a very sad state.

Plus you are an athlete so I think you understand the necessity of nutrition to your bodily needs. And the fact is, whilst you are in the grip of this monster, purging and restricting, and continuing to run on top of it all, your body is slowly but surely suffering permanent damage.

I was there, so I can definitely visualise what this thing is doing to your body and your health : (


Hello Running-girl As a mum of three and with one son with bulimia please please try and tell your parents That first step will be such a massive weight taken from you Please don't go on like this alone any longer

I would have been heartbroken to think I had a child suffering like you are and not getting any help

It's 2021 there is so much help out there

Take loads of care and please book that GPs appointment as soon as you can or ring a helpline xx

Maybe phone a helpline and see what other help is available in your area?

I understand how scary it is being in such a dark place and so worried about telling your mum.

I hid my ED from my mum for over a decade and although I felt like she knew, it was never discussed at home.

I was so ashamed and felt so guilty but when my mum found out - she was proud of me for being honest with myself and asking for help.

It’s never as bad as you think - I am sure your mum just wants the best for you.

But, if you feel you are not ready to speak with your mum about it or for her finding out - call a helpline and see if you can get an appointment somewhere else.

There’s lots of help out there. They can talk you through it.

Lots of love x

This may be not the advice you want to hear - I know how scary admitting and then telling others you have an issue with eating - but it was the biggest turning point for me. Telling my mum was the hardest and best thing I had ever done - and was a turning point - although she didn't understand she supported me, as did my father who understood even less and couldn't comprehend why I would have the problem - they helped me get the support I needed and were there for me as I struggled - so try telling your mum. From experience - and I have years of it - recovery needs professional help - and a lot of support from family and friends - so take the plunge - in the end I felt that nothing could ever be as bad as how I felt when I hid my problem and told no one - and in fact it was a relief and a blessing - so don't wait and let the problem take even more hold on you - best of luck.

You can change GP surgery if you are over 14 if that would make you feel more comfortable asking for help.