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Do I have an eating disorder 😕

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I’m 14 and average height 5.4 and I weigh 9.1. I know I’m not light or underweight by recently I’ve read up about how you can suffer from an eating disorder and not be underweight. I’ve been struggling with my weight since I was around 11 thinking I’m fat I do a lot of dance so naturally I feel the pressure to keep up with all the other skinny ballerinas but I never really did anything about it until this time last year I started going on crash diets and I would lose weight and then put it back on I haven’t eaten chocolate since feb this year and I find myself restricting my food and food groups a lot. I eat one maybe 2 meals a day but only because I don’t want to cause my family any worry. And I haven’t eaten lunch since April. I weigh myself 2-3 times a day and each time I get on the scales I genuinely myself and start to cry. I have resulted into self harming but as I do 8 hours of dance a week it’s starting to get hard to hide. Things at school are difficult im in top set for everything but I’m starting to fall behind as all I can ever think about is weight and calories I know it’s got obsessive but I can’t stop I don’t want to think like this but then again I just want to be skinny and happy with myself. I’m scared people are starting to see my troubles and I don’t know what to do xx

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Autumnwright, you poor lovey. I'm not sure if you have an eating disorder, but you definitely need help. You need to speak to your parents or another trusted adult - maybe a teacher you like, or the school nurse, or your GP. This first step is scary, but these people want to help you. They say "a trouble shared is a trouble halved" and this is really true. Be brave and speak to someone today. Good luck.

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Thankyou so much im trying to get the courage to maybe talk to someone but it’s hard as my parents aren’t very supportive xxx

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Hi Autumn you are right to post on here, you have done the first step. You definitely have an eating disorder but you are not alone and if you speak to your GP you can fix it early enough to never have it in the future. I am 33 and wish I had got help at a younger age. Speak to a friend if needed and ask them to go to the gp with you- all the best and look after yourself 👍 Another good website is B- eat it has chat rooms and message boards

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Thankyou! I’ll have a look on the website I hate being so negative all the time but I think I need to realise I might need some help as this problem is starting to affect my friendships and grades xx

You really do need to talk to someone about this - your parents if you are able - but otherwise do you have a school/college nurse or pastoral supporter - school counsellor - they might be able to help.

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Thankyou I might talk to my form tutor as our school is quite understanding with problems and I don’t want to think like this any more as it’s just got too out of hand xx

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Like crazycrosssticher says, talking to someone is key. If that makes you feel anxious, write down what you want to say on paper. It is definitely worth while dealing with it as soon as possible. I have had an eating disorder for as long as I can remember and it has taken me ten years to finally seek help about it and all through this time, I have struggled and I feel like things would have been a lot better if I asked for help earlier. Also, yeah, not everyone with an eating disorder is underweight. Me for instance, I binge-eat and restrict calories my weight is 'healthy.' Weight isn't necessarily the all-defining factor with eating disorders and GP's and professionals are seeing that more. I thought people would not believe me because of my weight, but in general, people have understood. Good luck. Hope this helps xx

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Thankyou so much I’m going to try and talk to an adult about it as it’s just getting too much at the moment xxx

Hi, I know where you're coming from. It's a struggle. U might feel like everyone's skinny. I thought that for about two years now. I'm about your age. But u know, u might feel not as good as them because you might not be a twig but, just remember, and i k it sounds really annoying and cheesy but food is not ure enemy. Some people can eat and eat and eat and still stay thin. I can't do it but, I happy with myself now. So, look at yourself . Instead of thinking of what your not. Think of what u are. Hope that helped.

p.s. treat ureself once in a while to a pot of nutella(:

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Thankyou so much I’m trying to stay positive and I will next year eat that Nutella as I’m on a diet from chocolate until the end of the year aha 😂💗

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Hey girlie! Sounds like you are having a tough time. I am involved in the dance culture and totally agree! I had class today for a spring intensive and found myself glancing in the mirror comparing my body to the other girls. I do think it is not healthy, and selfharm should never be something you consider! Try to talk to a parent and go the doctors. Wish you all the best darling x

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It’s so judgemental isn’t it! It honestly makes me want to quit but at the same time I love to dance thankyou so much xxxx

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Try not to quit! I love dance as well and it isn't worth giving up. But if you have to take a break from it to get better physically & mentally it might be the best option. x

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Your story is just like mine I am thirteen 5,6 and sadly 8 stone ( I wish I weighed less ) it would be nice to talk to somebody like me if you are open please reply

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I’m sorry about what you’re going through 😕 I am always here to talk if you want xx