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I had a baby on the 3/10/22 i hardly slept the first 4 days after he was born, and now am only sleeping about 4 /5 hours a night i feel so exhausted and funny during the day what are the signs of exhaustion and has anyone else had this and how long did it take to feel better?

10 Replies
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You just tend to get used to it after a good couple of weeks, ours didn't sleep through until 21 months 🙄 it's made baby number two seem like a breeze, I'd love to get 4 or 5 hours at night sleep though 😂

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Congratulations on your baby, I don't think anyone can explain before having children of that newborn exhaustion. I remember feeling physically sick, and leaving the house numerous times with my slippers still on.

We find what worked for us was my husband taking baby from me in the evening and me going up to bed for a little while before they came up. Baby would cluster feed all evening and then I'd go to bed as soon as they fell asleep. Husband would sit downstairs until they woke up for their next feed.

If you've got any friends or family close by, you could also ask them to take baby for a walk while you have a nap. People will understand if you want some help.

It does get better even though it feels forever now, good luck x

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it’s so tough , the exhaustion for me was worse in my legs I felt hot and cold and like I was going to collapse . Things that most helped me were iron tablets and electrolyte drinks , I ate as much as I could even though I had no appetite, lots of porridge and soup for snacks . And look up how to safely co sleep with you baby to set yourself up in case you fall asleep feeding x

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Get your partner to look after baby for a bit so you can have a nap.

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congratulations on your wee babies arrival 🤗 I think this is basically everyone’s experience with a newborn BUT that doesn’t mean it isn’t bloody hard 😭 well done for reaching out for advice 🤗 people kept telling me to ‘sleep when he slept’ during the day but I’m not good at having day time naps and it was when I was getting other things done but I did ask my other half to do the later night feeds so I could go to bed earlier and have a couple of hours undisturbed sleep before the night time feeds which helped my sanity a LOT as others have said though your body does start adjusting to the new ‘normal’ after a bit and ours did start sleeping for longer and longer periods through the night too which was good. I hope it gets easier for you and remember don’t be ashamed to ask or accept help from others to let you get some rest 🥰 you don’t win any prizes for doing it all without help at the end 😘 xx

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Try to sleep during the day as much as you can. Don't worry about the cleaning, let someone else do it.

The first week is the hardest. Every week after that gets better. My baby is 4 months now and sleeping 10 hours a night.

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Do whatever you think you can to get through. I think it's all from kindness and well meant but it's all fair and well people saying sleep when baby sleeps or get partner to help but for some these are not viable options. My Husband works a 70 hour week, my baby was underweight and exclusivelyb breastfed who was on a strict 2 hourly feeding schedule (24/7) in the early weeks and he was never and still isn't a fan of daytime naps so cat naps approx 25mins max plus would only contact nap.

My point being, no matter how hard it feels now and it is bloody hard!!, no matter your wealth of or lack of available support options for a break, no matter what your sleep goals are, I promise it gets easier than now. My little boy is 7 months and I am absolutely chuffed at getting 2 x 3 .5 hour stretches overnight between feeds. Small wins feel monumental when you've been chronically sleep deprived.

You're doing great! Xx

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I’ve suffered with insomnia all my life and still was not prepared for the sleep deprivation…it will get better but you’ll be on the exhaustion train for a while! Do everything you can to look after yourself and ask for help when you need it.

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In time you do get used to it, but make sure you look after yourself too. I look back (my son is now 21 months) and can see now I didn’t do that and it’s so important you do. I hope you have a supportive partner as that really helps. Unfortunately I didn’t have that, but have lots of family nearby willing to help which makes all the difference. You will get through this!

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my twins were born in June. They are 16 weeks now and both sleeping through the night. They have been sleeping through since around 13 weeks I would say. It's so much easier now they sleep through.

we made sure to get them into a routine early which I think helped. Even when it didn't seem it was sworking in the beginning we stuck to it and it worked. We bath them at 7-7.30 bottle then bed. The bath really relaxes them and they are ready for sleep then.

it will get easier. Good luck!

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