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First midwife appointment

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Hiya, I found out that I am 4 Weeks pregnant, I rang up immediately to book my midwife appointment but I’m not going to be seeing her until October, which I’ll be 10+3 on the day I should be seeing her. Is this unusually late?

I’m worried that I’ll have a late scan done too, I miscarried this year really early on and they wouldn’t even book me a reassurance scan.

What can I do?

21 Replies

That’s quite normal. I had mine around 9.5 weeks and then they book the scan after they’ve seen you (well they did in my area) and I had it at 12+3

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Really normal lovely, the scan appointment comes through quickly, they have to scan you before 14 weeks for the screening.

If you’re really anxious, I would book a private reassurance scan, that’s what I did and it really helped with the long wait for the nhs one xx

In my area you aren’t allowed to book to see a midwife until you are at least 8 weeks. With COVID19 i was given a hospital number to call & a midwife will call back at some point next week! That’s good yours have booked you in already. Agree with others def book a private scan for reassurance your partner can also attend whereas I’m not sure with nhs atm. Sorry about your previous loss- I had a loss before having my daughter so to say just because that pregnancy didn’t work out doesn’t mean this one wouldn’t. Congratulations on your pregnancy & hope all goes well xxx

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Partner allowed to join now! (at least in the region where I live). I was so relieved/happy. Actually, they called me on the phone last week to inform me about my appointment and the Covid rules - so organised! Totally changed my experience as initially I had no idea what was going on and who to call for what.

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That’s good to know thank you.Glad your partner can attend. I felt a bit bad for hubby not being able to come & wanted him there for support the 12 week scan- hopefully he will be allowed to attend ☝🏻. The GP says the rules around healthcare with COVID19 are changing all the time. xxx

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My husband not allowed to attend my 12 week scan but can be outside if I hear bad news. But he is allowed at 20 weeks scan.

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Totally normal, I know its rubbish. Maybe book a private scan for 8 weeks? x

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Sorry for your loss. If you have had a miscarriage normally they will book you a 6-8 weeks scan. I would contact the mide wife team in your area and explain the situation and they should send your for an early scan. I had a miscarriage with my first pregnancy and I have had an early scan with any consecutive pregnancy.

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Hi, that's very normal. I had my first app at 8 weeks. I had a miscarriage too early this year but no one ever booked me for an early scan so I went privately at 9 weeks just for reassurance. It depends on the area I think, but in my area no one ever even mentioned about an early scan because of my miscarriage so I would def suggest to go privately.

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Hiya, this was normal for me too...and like you I was worried about the timing for the tests. I didn't see anyone till I was 12+3 but they did all the tests then and everything A-OK. Hope it all goes well for you x

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That's not 'unusually' late at all

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That’s fine you’ll get your scan in time. My dates were wrong and I ended up at first scan at 13 weeks and 2 days and everything was fine still did all the tests etc. As for reassurance scans- I was the same I miscarries prior to this pregnancy at 9 ish weeks and I asked for early scans etc and they don’t offer it because sadly so many women miscarry it isn’t fair to give some scans and some not. I’m sure you will be fine xxxx

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It’s normal. You’d only be scanned earlier if perhaps you’re considered high risk or if you have had any bleeding or something like that

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Hi, I suggest you wait for a private scan atleast till week 9, sometimes an early scan doesn't pick up the heartbeat and that might stress you out more. The NHS scan will definitely happen before 14 weeks and they can only check for downs before this date accurately. Please don't worry .... i know this wait is normal for all but extrextremely stressful. All will be fine 🙂

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Sorry to hear this. Unfortunately it seems like we get left alone quite a bit at the start when I think our worries are sky high.

I booked in for a private scan early on which helped. Hope all goes well xx

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You could book an early scan . They will scan from 6 weeks onwards. Only two weeks away! Best of luck xx

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I first saw a midwife when I was 20 weeks! This was during lock down though. I told my surgery I was pregnant when I was 8 weeks, and it just took a lot of time for things to get going

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MiaJosie in reply to Girl_fiend

Wow, sorry to hear that. And I got stressed out when they asked me to call back after week 7 to book the midwife appointment. Seems they have established a better routine now thankfully.

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defo call back up and say about the miscarriage.

booking may be done over the phone, ive yet to see a midwife, my first appointment will be when im 29 weeks lol.

i also paid for a private scan, which is normally done 2 weeks after the first positive test but no earlier than 6 weeks. good luck xx

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My experience was really similar to Hydromermaid-1, I had my first midwife appointment at 9+4 and will have my scan this week at 12+6. I don't know my exact dates so I was conscious about doing it on time. I think because of Covid they have slightly fewer scans in general and are trying to space them out in a good way so it seems the dates they give you are on purpose rather than by mistake. I had my GP book the scan at the same time as he booked me in for my first midwife appointment, but I also hear you can self-refer on the hospital website - not sure what will give you a time the quickest, but it seems their plan is to give you a scan before 13 weeks, which should allow for the necessary scans. If in doubt, call them and ask them to clarify the plan.

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I'm 16 weeks pregnant and didn't see any midwife yet. had an initial phone appointment and that's it.. My first face to face midwife appointment is on my 17th week. I think the timing depends on the area. It's my first pregnancy so I would have preferred a real appointment sooner.

Only good thing is i had my first scan on time, which reassured me that everything is fine.

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