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5 weeks pregnant and dark brown/black spotting

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5 weeks pregnant with good hcg number but I am having very dark brown spotting for 4 days now on an off. No pink, red, or rust just black/brown with coffee ground consistency. Starting to worry as it has been multiple days but no pain or cramping. Has anyone else experienced this? What was the outcome?

6 Replies
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Hi jasmine, i also experienced this when i was about 7 weeks into pregnancy. I contacted gp who referred me to the early pregnancy clinic and i had an early scan and a follow up scan 2 weeks later. They said mine was possibly implanation bleeding and is very common. Hope all is ok with your little one but definitely contact gp or contact your nearest hospital to arrange an appointment x

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jasminelmm in reply to Donn001

I actually had a scan on Monday where sac was detected but nothing else which my OB said was very common for this stage. Have a follow up scan next Monday to check progress and follow up hcg draw tonight to see if numbers are still rising so well. I just cannot find many other women online who have had this weird type of dark spotting with those small tissue like pieces. Did you happen to have a successful pregnancy outcome? My implantation bleeding with my first 2 pregnancies was so different than this.

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Donn001 in reply to jasminelmm

Hi yes,

I have a healthy almost 13 month old son. I hope someone else can give you some answers and i hope all works out ok for you :)

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Are you on vaginal pessaries? Sounds like it could be some irritation from that. I got something similar when I used Crinone xx

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jasminelmm in reply to KiboXX

No, I am taking oral progesterone though twice daily and started that Saturday night and when the OB saw the spotting on Monday he took a swab. No infections detected either.

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Hi Jasmine. I've experienced same as u when I'm 7th week. The discharged more to dark brown / black color n look likes a tiny tissue. i'm very worry with this situation. Did u happen to have a successful pregnancy outcomes? 😊

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