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Recommendations for private scan clinics

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Hello everyone, could someone recommend some good private first trimester scan clinics( pocket friendly:) ) in London as I cannot wait till November for my first scan

Also I have been vomiting everything I eat drink most of the times but Drs aren't worried as I don't have hyperemesis!! All the remedies I read online dint help ..does anyone have any other tricks..I just feel awful ..I have been started on stemetil..but I am so worried to take it for prolonged duration.

Thanks !

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There’s only one place to go - the best! Which is the London fetal medicine clinic.

The guy who runs it is the top man in the Uk and maybe the world so my consultant said.

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Thanks for the recommendation. xx

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We went to Vera Medic, Harley Street for our early pregnancy scan. I think the scan was somewhere between £100-£150. It was really quick and easy to get an appointment. The consultant checked the heartbeat (which we heard, amazing!), took measurements and checked for cysts and fibroids etc. She emailed the scan report and images straight away. Highly recommend for peace of mind between 8 weeks and your NHS 12 week scan. Good luck! Xx

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Sounds good..thanks hun. xx

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Hi, I also went to FMC for my early scans following a miscarriage in March - now 16 w+ and i was worried since day one hence the private scans in 5&7 weeks. I also went back to do the Harmony package with them that include 10

& 12 weeks scans and the harmony test also - and that was £400. It was all very comprehensive 25 minute 12 week scan when they measured the baby properly including his blood flow, all measurements etc. When i had my 12 week NHS scan it took only 6 minutes (!!!) and very rushed (at Whittington) and i was so glad i had my private scan done as it was so much better. You can go for any scans there (look up price list as it depends on how far you are) but if you consider harmony than FMC is by far the cheapest package out there. Both 10&12 week scans are really good. The 10 week scan was more of a bonding really but the 12 week one was excellent and comprehensive.

They are based at 137 Harley Street.

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Great info ..thank you so much I will look it up..xx

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We went to window to the womb and it was about £54.

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