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Feeling abit meh this morning woke up late so rushed about, actually felt a little sick too I have mild pains in my belly not cramping but can feel it. Got booking in app tomorrow and a scan on friday not really looking forward to it feel abit anxious as it could be bad news again I'll let you guys know either way. Hopefully feeling abit crap is good news lol

7 Replies
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Hey Hun sorry your feeling a bit meh today, these hormones have a lot to answer for. Good luck with your scan on Friday really hoping it's good news for you. Big hugs xxx

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Aw hun I can understand your anxiety and fretting of the what ifs etc, I hope all goes well at your scan and take it easy. Hormones are a nightmare they’re like a rollercoaster. Xx

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Had a bit pink today after sex has made me worry abit as my scan tomorrow I thinks it’s going to be bad news 😢

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You have probably irritated your cervix which is quite common. Hope all goes well tomorrow xx

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Just wanted to wish all the best at your scan! Hope all goes well!

I think it’s normal to feel as you feel now, bad experiences always make us anxious xxx

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Thanks x I’m going out tonight I’m really not in the mood I already told them not to even talk about me being pregnant as I’m so emotional I’ll just cry

Fingers crossed for you Hun xx

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