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Traveling with a newborn

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Two of our friends are getting married in Cuba a month after I'm due. We'd love to go but suspect it might not be wise given how young our baby will be. How soon can the baby travel after being born? To add to the complications, we are expats living in China. Particularly interested in the health aspects (presumably it won't have had most its vaccinations by this point) and more administrative aspects such as passport etc.

6 Replies
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I would say ring your Drs and ask them about any vaccinations baby would need to have had to travel.

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Personally wouldn't go ... as mentioned vaccines would be needed but many vaccines are not given at such a young age.

Your little one might only be two weeks old (if you're two weeks late which can happen) ... I wouldn't want to travel with a two week old ... possibly still skeep.deprived, with possible stitches/ c section etc.

But that's me, possibly a bit on the pessimistic side, but I'm of a fairly cautious nature when it comes to newborns

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I wouldn't go. Having a baby is a huge change. Hormones etc will still be running rife and sleep deprivation will be kicking in. I didn't even leave the house with the baby for the first 6 wks!

Is also be concerned with existing the newborn to unnecessary germs I the plane and traveling.

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I personally wouldn’t travel outside my country until the baby has had its second round of shots even that’s pushing it theirs just to much of a risk imo

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Hey 86charlotte we travelled with a new born but she was 10 weeks old and it was only a 2hr flight (UK to Spain) we went over to see family and that was the closest practical date we could do. As it was after Jabs and delivery of Passport. As lovely as it would be, going to Cuba, 4 weeks is pushing it in terms of paperwork. Call the embassy see what protocol would be and time scales. Don’t put your self under that much pressure.

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Personally I wouldn’t my baby had her vaccines at 8 wks and I brought her to Sweden it’s very hot and she is very whiney and crying from the vaccinations and the heat Ian just making it worse. Also if it is your first baby I very much doubt you will want to go away so soon after having baby as you will be sore and very tired.

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