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Late Period, Negative Tests

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My last period was on the 12th of March. I had unprotected sex on the 25th of March.

My current period was due around the 10/12th of April but is late (still not turned up on the 19th today).

I’ve had 5 negative urine tests and a negative blood test today.

I’ve experienced symptoms ranging from heartburn, nausea, weeing a lot more, cramps, headaches, more naps, emotional..

Even if my period was late due to stress, it’s never been more than 3 days late. I’d also like to mention that I had the contraceptive injection March last year, so my fertility would have been off for up to a year (which explains why I had unprotected sex with no consequences).

Has anyone got any stories of negative tests but a lot of symptoms? If I am pregnant I’d only be around 4/5 weeks, maybe it’s too early?

The stress is driving me insane, I can’t work and my relationship isn’t coping too well. This stress is probably prolonging any kind of possible period too.

Thank you.

5 Replies
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My period was due on 24th March. I got continuous negatives for the whole of the week of the 26th March, eventually got a positive on April 3rd after 3-4 days of not testing. It's possible that you are & just not showing yet. Good luck!

Have you spoken to your GP about the stress you're experiencing? To not be able to go to work because your period is late is a bit concerning, there is lots of mental health support out there if you ask for it.

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Yes I also experienced lots of symptoms but I also don't know if I was pregnant.

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Are you sure there isn't something else going on? A late period shouldn't be that stressful that you can't work...

is that because you don't want a pregnancy?

Just FYI the injection only covers you for 3 months and even though it can take up to a year for fertility to come back it's risking it every time

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are you trying for a baby?

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