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Period 11days late negative tests

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Hello, I'm new to this page so sorry if this is the same sort of thing everyone asks.

Had endometriosis treated in Jan and had a normal period straight after op. Have been trying to get pregnant since the op, period is now 11days late but all tests are negative.

When should I ask gp for blood test? I was thinking around day 14-15?

Tried various brands of tests but it's so expensive. My endometriosis means I get pregnancy symptoms anyway so nausea and sore boobs and taste/smells being heightened is the norm for me unfortunately. My boobs seem to have inflated over the last three days but it could just be a horrid period on the way. I'm usually really regular.

Thanks in advance!

7 Replies
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HI, I was also diagnosed with ovarian endometriosis. had a laparoscopy to remove the cyst from the ovary. I was not prescribed any hormonal treatment though. So was wondering what kind of treatment you got for your endometriosis.

it has been more than a year since laparoscopy.

Good luck to you! Hope you are pregnant.

Just call your GP ASAP and ask for an advice.

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Hannah27 in reply to Aber811

Hello! Thanks for your reply.

I had my lap in January and they removed endo from back of my uterus, rectum, bladder and pelvis. I had two cysts removed from my left ovary and fluid drained from around it and they had to readjust my uterus position as it had been tilted by all the fluid.

Still no period but I'm mega emotional and have abdo pain now. My boobs are sore and I want sugar so I recon period is on the way! Day 12 now of no period so day 44 of my cycle and still negative tests so going to contact my GP on Monday.

Oww thanks, I hope I am too. It doesn't feel possible at the moment but I'm hoping to just get a pos test or period to arrive just so I know either way!


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Aber811 in reply to Hannah27

I am so sorry to hear, you've been through these troubles. I wish you to get well and free from stress and worries!

I hope you are aware of the diet requirements you have to adhere because of endo. if not, let me know, I will share what I know.

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Hannah27 in reply to Aber811

Hello! oww thank you so much. It is a rotten illness.

I have already cut out a lot from my diet or limited quite a lot but thank you, thats really thoughtful of you :)

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Honestly I would just wait. If you are testing negative on your uribe after 11 days it's highly unlikely you are pregnant . You might be late for a variety of reasons including the operation but also if you getting stressed about this whole thing.

I personally would see if I get next months period... if you are late wait for a few days and then test once using morning urine. Also the cheaper supermarket brands work just as well as clear blue etc.

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Hey darling.

Sorry to hear that you are stressing over tou r late period. I too was operated twice and had the endometriosis removed. I am sorry to tell you that if you are doing the tests correctly and they are showing negative may not be pregnant. A falso negative is possible though. As before was sugessesred call your GP and have them run a full hormone tests (unfortunately your period could be late since you are stressing over conceiving) it did happen to me so many times I even was late for two months, then was depressed cause I was not pregnant and the Dr said it was due to my stress levels.

After trying for so many years with no success and giving up hope as was adviced that my eggs reserve and quality were not good I got pregnant and now have my little miracle. Never lose hope try not to stress over and go and have your self checked. Will keep my fingers crossed for you.

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Hello everyone. Thank you all so so much for all your messages message period finally arrived very early this morning and the pain has been awful. I'm hoping it'll be just because it was late and that next month will be better. I think it was just the not knowing, we like having wine with dinner at home and I was freaking out as I'd had four glasses this week etc. Definitely putting myself under too much pressure so think my body is too stressed to house a baby at the moment.

I'm trying to arrange some councelling to help get over diagnosis and just how difficult the last year has been.

Thank you all so so much for your support, this website is amazing and your words have really helped me through a stressful time.

Thank you endo warriors! Xxxx

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