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Pregnancy symptoms gone at 6 weeks

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I am sure I have miscarried, I was having mild symptoms, I knew I was pregnant, I took the test and after trying for years we were so happy, but a few days later my symptoms had gone, I wasnt worried for a couple of days as there was no pain or bleeding, but it's been 6 days now and nothing.. I'm away with work colleagues for 2 weeks so cant go to the drs. Is there likely to be any other outcome than bad news?

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Have you done another test? I am 11 weeks at present and I find that some days I could swear I'm not pregnant, if it wasn't for a tiny bump starting to appear.

I did actually take a third test a couple of weeks after I found I was pregnant out as I didn't have much symptoms either - I would have been about 8 weeks then.

I wouldn't worry just yet, though I would say definitely try to speak to your Dr or the Early Pregnancy Unit. Is there a local maternity unit where you are, you could maybe give them a ring?

Hope you aren't stressing too much about it, keep us posted xx

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Hi, thanks for getting back to me, I did take another test which was positive but I read that the levels can stay in the system

Il try not to worry and keep eating, drinking and taking the pregnancy vitamins until I know I'm definitely not x

Hey there, I can understand why you might be worried but I think you're right to believe you are until you have grounds to believe you're not.

Pregnancy symptoms are funny - mind came and went frequently leaving me feeling very confused and worried at times. Two of my friends had no symptoms at all during their first trimester and both had healthy babies.

Try to stay positive and eat, drink well as you'd.

Hopefully all will be well 😊.

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Hiya, I totally understand and sympathise. I've had hardly any symptoms with my pregnancy and then at about 8 weeks, my one symptom seemed to go (sore boobs). I was terrified I'd had a silent miscarriage, but after a few stress-filled sleepless nights (not good for you when preggo), my sore boobs suddenly came back.

I'm 10 weeks 4 days now, and I had my midwife apt this week and heard the baby's heartbeat! So as easy as it is to say, please don't panic about your lack of symptoms, you may just be one of the lucky ones. But as this is my first pregnancy, I'm fretting about absolutely everything, so I completely understand where you are with it, it's a lonely place to be.

Has your midwife called you to make your booking in apt yet? If she has, I would call her back for some advice - even if you can't physically see her for a couple of weeks.

Good luck hun, and please keep us posted. You're in good company on here.

Jen xxx

Hi, Just to add to what everyone is saying, trying not to stress about the 'missing' symptoms. If pregnancy tests are coming back as positive and you're not bleeding it's highly unlikely that you've lost your baby. I had few symptoms for the first trimester -barely even a bump. The symptoms are just guidelines - a list of everything that could possibly go on with your body; they aren't a check-list.

Congratulations on your pregnancy!

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I have the exact same thing, I feel so empty and I am 5 weeks and 6 days and the other morning I just woke up like I don't have symptoms and I'm worried but I also rang my gp and he said to go in and get an early pregnancy scan.. Maybe that's what you should do ?

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Hi, I agree with the others, don't let your lack of symptoms worry you. I had no symptoms and was scared that at my 12week scan I'd be told I'd made a mistake and wasn't pregnant to the point that the day before I took yet another test but all was good, the only shock being that I'm having twins. I'm now 18weeks and the only symptom I've had throughout my pregnancy so far is an ever growing bump.

Stay positive and if you're still concerned have a chat with your midwife x

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Thanks everyone, you have settled my worries a lot, I'm still not home for another week, but will see someone then. Congrats on your pregnancies and twins!

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Hi again, I have had sore nipples and boobs the last couple of days, happy to have some symptoms, but then today had some brown discharge, not enough for a pad, but am worried this is the lead in to a miscarriage, il be flying home tomorrow and will be travelling for over 12 hours, scared of having to deal with anything on a plane if it happens.. can't wait to be home x

Am trying to stay positive but it just doesn't feel right

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Hi again, just to update and close this thread, I started bleeding, not heavy, lighter than a period but phoned nhs 24, they got me a call back within 2 hours and I was recommended to go to the drs for an infection test the next morning, this was negative. I also went to the early pregnancy clinic where I had a vaginal scan which showed nothing, pregnancy tests were still positive so I had a blood test, results came back at 650 hcg, progesterone was not high or low, required another test 48hrs later, hcg levels were 564, they hoped that this would have decreased by 50%, as it didn't it's considered a pregnancy of unknown location, I have to have another blood test on Friday where they will consider what to do next, either an injection which kills the ' pregnancy tissue' or potentially laparoscopic surgery to remove, I am well in myself though, no pains, I have been told if I do get any sudden pains I have to go straight to a and e.

I hope that other people who felt like I did go on to have a healthy pregnancy as it has been stated is possible in many cases, unfortunately this wasn't the case for me this time x

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Hi there. I know this post is from a while ago. The comments amaze me because they’re so dismissive. I’ve been having a similar experience. I had an ultrasound and they found the sac but that was a week ago and I have lost my symptoms. I’ve had ectopic pregnancy before but I’m wondering if I’m going to miscarry or something isn’t right. You knew something was wrong and listened to your gut. I don’t understand when people tell you or you’re fine. But in reality you might’ve had an ectopic which is life threatening. Thank you for your post.

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