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2 month old Baby not pooping, advice please!

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Hi all, have had some fab advice from you guys throughout my pregnancy and am hoping you can help with this. My little girl is 2 months old and for various reasons I have started to introduce formula milk combined with breastfeeding. It was going really well but this weekend she stopped pooping. I know this is normal in breast fed babies but is it constipation caused by the formula? She is happy in herself and feeding well, she has wet nappies and is passing wind often. After 2 days this weekend she had a good clear out and it was a bit of a thicker liquid than normal and the same colour as normal but she hasn't pooped since and we're on day 3 now... is there anything I can do to help? My HV saidnot to worry until day 4 but I can't help it. Any ideas and advice gratefully received, thank you!

9 Replies
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Hi, I wasn't breast feeding but my LO did have alot of problems with this from his was 3 weeks old. Afew things to try, massage her tummy clockwise motion, offer her a water bottle, can add freshly squeezed orange juice one part orange to three parts water( all water cooled boiled obviously), move her legs in a bicyle motion when she's lying on her back, try massaging her back passage with olive oil & if all else fails and it goes to a week go to your gp & ask for lactose, it's a very very mild laxative. Don't worry it is very common with any change in food at all, we had to try 4 different formulas before we got one that suited, aptimil comfort, also some babies there digestive systems just need to be trained. I tried everything & it didn't work had to use lacalose twice a day then reduce it to once a day around three months & then off it & my LO has no problems at all now. Good luck x

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Bottle fed babies do have thicker poop... and can get constipated... But u will notice as baby gets bigger they poop less as well. ... If u are concerned then u can give some cooled booked water in between ... It's good to introduce water sooner rather than later so they get used to it early on x

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My LO is mainly breastfed and has a couple of small bottles of formula a day - she only poops around once a week but she is happy and well - every baby is different as long as she seems content I woulnd't worry about it at all unless she is in a lot of pain etc xx

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It's hard not to worry isn't it?! I had the same with my LO she was breast and formula fed (aptamil) and used to regularly get constipated 3-4 days in between almost regularly, she'd be screaming and folding in half with wind/trying to move the poo... it was awful and I'd actually cry for her at times I felt so bad. I ended up changing to Hipps Organic and even though we had a 4 day no poo stint whilst she was getting used to it, she now poo's pretty much every day and its much more like her BF poo's than with the Aptamil. I also found that warm baths and bicycling the legs only help so much. If you feel like your LO might be straining to poo you could always gently holding knees to tummy, it seem to help spread their bum cheeks and stops them 'clamping' down.

Interesting that your HV said 4 days as a limit, mine said 10! Will we ever find two that give the same advice? ;) Hope it gets better for your LO soon. xx

Thanks ladies...knew I'd get some fab advice. Had a big clear out this morning so will start the count again!

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thanks for update

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Thanks for update

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Thanks for information.. my kid also got constipattion since after bf

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My little boy changed his routine when I started combi feeding. His once or twice a day became once every 3-4 days, changed in colour and smell (sorry if too much information). It is a worry when you have settled into one routine but seemed quite normal when I asked around as I too was worried at the time. Hopefully your little one is just finding a new routine.

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