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Caved and booked a private early scan to reduce stress

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I couldn't wait until 2nd dec for my scheduled 12 weeks scan as I am anxious something is wrong (I've prob not helped myself by googling every possible thing that could go wrong!) have had terrible indigestion the last few days and a pain/ache on the left side of my stomach which is worrying but I don't want to come across like a hypochondriac! I have a private scan booked for this Saturday (I will be 8+6) and am just hoping they can either reassure me things are ok or if things are not right I just hope I can make a quick recovery to try again and it won't affect my history of depression too badly. I'm such a pessimist but I'd rather not get my hopes up after so long of trying to conceive!

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hey, try not to worry but least u can look forward to ur scan on sat and see ur little bean. one word of advice do not use google for pregnancy, it really isn't kind to pregnant women. sure things will be fine, its normal to worry, I did and pretty sure every woman on here has at some point. hope ur scan goes well as am sure it will be x

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Thanks ceribean! I have my fingers crossed and hoping the next few days go by quickly!

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Bear in mind that a scan at 8 weeks can cause anxiety - it is not always possible to see the foetal heartbeat at 8 weeks on USS even if the pregnancy is progressing well. There are several mummy's on here who had this and a scary 4 week wait.

Hope the scan does give you peace of mind, but if it doesn't show much, don't panic. Xx

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Do you mind me asking how you chose where to have your scan and how much it will cost? Sorry for being cheeky, I'm just in a similar situation! x

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Groupon have some deals sometimes but depends on what part of the country u are. London harley street there is a scanning place that charges around £100 :)

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Googled early scan places in my area. I've gone for Mums in Solihull £85 inc some photos and DVD - all being well. This place had good reviews. There was another place in midlands I was considering that only cost £45 but had mixed reviews with some mums to e saying they felt rushed or they weren't offered extended session if baby was in wrong position (for the 20 weeks sexing scan). Hope that helps! I'll let you know how sat goes if you like

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Good luck with your scan. Totally understand where you are coming from. I had a mmc earlier this year and am currently 10+5. I had a scan at 6 weeks because of bleeding and a scan at 9 weeks because of bleeding and all was fine and as it should be. I have my proper dating scan 22nd Nov and I am STILL worrying that something has gone wrong! You sounds similar to me. I am pessimistic too and I keep thinking that if I dare to be happy it will go wrong! Please let us know how you get on at your scan! Not long now!! :) xx

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Good luck for your scan, hope it brings you some peace of mind x.

Good luck for your scan, def try not to worry and step away from the internet!!

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Thanks ladies fingers and toes crossed and I'll let you know how it goes!

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