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20 week scan and update...

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Hello my lovely Ladies!

Just thought i'd give you a little update... Today i had my 20 week scan, and what can i say, it was so amazing! Unfortunately I went alone as my partner couldn't make it due to work commitments. Sadly it's his loss though as i had a wonderful experience... Our child was bouncing around, sucking it's thumb and drinking fluid. Then the little begger even got hiccups... It was all so clear and very comical!

This was probably scan number 7 (due to cyst check ups), and i can honestly say it was the best! I also didn't feel sick with worry, and i was relaxed and stress free...

I am now feeling very relaxed and calm in my self that all is going to be peachy! :)

We also move to Surrey in two weeks and i am soooo excited for our new home! I can also start my antenatal classes, meet new bump friends and really start to prepare for bubba's arrival!

From a very smiley Duppy! :)

11 Replies

Ah lovely news...so has the cyst shrunk? Hope it's not bothering you too much xx

Nope, it's got bigger!! pain is still everyday and pretty much the same, but i am just trying to ignore it at the moment and breath through it when it happens... I don't want and will not let it ruin this magical time!

Bloody arse that it is! :)

Hope you're all good Babymother! Just seen your post about big babies so will have a read :) xx

Oh sorry to hear that must be horrible for u hope they are taking extra special care of u! X

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What a lovely post! I'm so glad you were able to relax and enjoy it!

Off for mine in a couple of weeks and I cannot wait!!


Ah good Im glad baby is okay. :-) . I also had't to go to my 20wk scan alone as my other half works full-time from early in the morning till about 5pm. Did you request to see the gender of the baby or are you willing to wait until D-day?

Lovely profile pick by the way :-)

I've only just had my 12 week scan but I can't wait for the 20week one now!!! x

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Thats a great news hun.i bet you so happy and you'll be having nice dreams tonight about your baby xx

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What a lovely clear scan picture. Good luck for the house move xx

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I echo the other ladies on here, good news and I couldn't stop giggling with the 20 week scan, it was so clear and awesome is probably the best word to describe it. Let your nesting commence in two weeks time, what a lovely time to be moving and being able to prep everything. Good luck for both! X

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Great news, the 20week scan is amazing hey!

Can't believe we are halfway now, it's gone so quick. We are counting down rather than up now ;-)


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I know hols, it's crazy huh! I am tres excited now.... Just want my life to be different with bubba in tow! all my dreams, and daily thoughts are about the bubba.... Serious baby brain!!

How are you feeling now? Everyone says i'm glowing, but quite honestly i think thats one way for them to say i look huuuuge! :) xxx

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