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Are Huggies newborn nappies any good?

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I have been given about 100 Huggies newborn nappies but have been told by lots of friends that they have found they leak. Has anyone on here used them and been happy with them? I'm having a c section in 5 weeks so am starting to pack my bag and want to sort out which nappies to take. Thanks

10 Replies

I did a lot of research on Nappies, from what i read huggies came out the best you can get. so thats what we got! (baby not here yet due 5th July)

Mum is a childminder and all her familes said Huggies for new born then when baby is bigger they advised ASDAs own or ALDI!

You cant actually buy huggies any more, as of April they stopped selling them in the UK as they were not profitable, any you see in the shops are just what they have left in stock and once they are gone thats it! (still selling wipes and little swimmers as normal)

Id stick with them, give them a try and if you find you dont like them, you are not really loosing out as they were given to you, shops are never too far away to go and get another brand if you need to! only problem you may have is if you really like them, you wont be able to get any more!


I agree with "rachgibson" i used to swear by huggies when my son was a baby . (he's now 4yrs old) & yes any huggies nappies you see in the stores right now are discounted because they'll be stopped from coming into the country due to lost profits for the EU (or something) "Gutted"

im 17wks pregnant with my 2nd child now & have already bought some reusable nappies (from on-line) . I've never gave them a try but i plan to start using them part-time in the begining then once my confidence is built -up i'll probably swear by them too :-).

Bearing in mind ive also bought 2 huggies value boxes too because im sure I'll miss them once gone. :-( xx

I used huggies wih my 3yo son and loved them till size 3, then I found pampers a lot better , how they felt and for leak protection . never had an issue untill then, he had the runs as a newborn cos he was on antibiotics and It was messy at times ( every change had poo, and he loved kicking his feet ) in 5 days at hospital went through 2 packs, he was breastfed 2 so poo looser than formula fed , overall the nappies did a brilliant job . iv got a stash ready for this baby as im now 28 weeks and I knew they were being discontinued in the uk .

I had a section with my son and if you don't already have some get the disposable changing matts , there brilliant for hospital and out and about when using public change tables , I have huggies 1s , don't know if there gona b sold here going forward so got a few packs, think other brands do them to . definatly worth getting even if u have a change mat in ur change bag as the disposable 1 s are absorbent so good for any little accidents .

I want to try the re - usable ones, I was in terry towels from birth, mum swore by them!! disposables werent great and a fortune 24 years ago. Mum insisnts that its because they were so uncomfortable made it easier to potty train us! she always says she started training on out 2nd birthday and were fully trained in 2 weeks!! Not sure though, want my little man to be as comfy as possible!!

We got out Huggies from Home Bargains - box of 81 for £7.99 we got 6 boxes!! my be worth having a look if you have one in your area Abenaa? xx

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I forgot to say yeah! I bought 2 of those boxes also from Home - bargains :-).

My main reasons for wanting to try those re- usable nappies for this baby is because of the expense of every-day items like bread, milk & etc.. but also there's many attractive, simple & comfortable "looking" designs out there now which i hope can be used until the child is ready to be potty trained.

(Ive also being out of work for 2 & a half years now which is shown me just how far the pounds can strech) :-)


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I had huggies nappies given to me in a nappy cake and I found they leaked so stuck to Tesco own nappies I find them just as good as any other nappies on the market. My sister uses pampers and has always used them but I am not keen on them either.

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Haven't they just been discontinued in the uk?

I always used pampers as I found Huggies absorbency balls made the nappies feel very squidgy, didn't like them at all, heard aldi and asda supposed to be great so will be giving them a try x

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i took huggies when i had my little man (8 weeks old) and i had no problems with them. i use asda little angels with my 2yr old but i have found using there baby ones leak if my baby is in it for more than 5-6 hrs at night. currently he is sleeping 5-7 hrs size have gone to pampers newborn until he is big enough for asda little angels

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Thanks everyone - I have packed the huggies newborn and if they leak then I can just send my partner to get some different ones x

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