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Mystery of not being able to stand up straight

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I am writing to see if anybody else has the same symptoms as I have got. I have had a bad back since May 2017 I am bent over all the time and cannot stand up straight but I am not in any pain at all. Whenever I read about back problems it always talks about people in pain. I have had MRI scans and seen a couple of orthopaedic surgeons but they can not find anything and they have now said that I need to see a neurologist. Any feedback or comments would be most welcome.

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I’ve had a good run of back issues, they were even going to operate on me! and the only 2 things that helped and now I’m even better than before are :

1. Physio sessions

2. Acupuncture

I had at least 6 sessions of each and even after the 3rd I could feel the difference straight away !

I would recommend to try this as it has helped me. X

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Thank you for your reply Kavib but I have tried Physio and acupuncture and also tried treatment with an oesteopath all with no success.

Not exactly the same - in the sense of being nothing like it - but I cannot stand up straight either! I was hit by a car in 1994 and had a massive head injury (if interested please read 'Flight of a Lifetime' - My eyesight has been badly impaired, but if I tilt my head to the right I can see. It is only a slight tilt, but more weight is now carried on my right leg, the knee of which is damaged as it was that that took the full impact of being hit by a car. Much how I have got used to the world on an angle the extra weight on a damaged knee and me not being straight makes my balance very bad. Of course if I do stand up straight my whole world is thrown out of alignment: everything becomes blurred I get very dizzy! I 'can' stand up straight, though have no concept of what straight is, but if I do my world falls apart :P

Oh I am sorry to hear that. I haven’t been in any accident or had any illness just found that I was having trouble standing up straight and now I can’t stand up straight at all. The problem is I’m not in any pain so they can’t understand what is causing it. Thank you for replying and telling me what happened to you. The body is a complicated thing. Hope you are not suffering to much

Told you it was nothing like your problem and I am sorry for you. My right knee is in constant pain, but that is pretty much the only pain I get... I can't say I suffer much, but I do have difficulty processing information and have to take life a lot slower than others will sometimes let me. With that I suffer!

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