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Pain, spine, nervous system

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Hi there, I'm new to the group.

I was a professional in the fitness/creative area for several decades in my teens, twenties... but had a fall as a child which started affecting my spine at the age of 14.

Over 15 years ago I was in a car accident and suffered 'double whiplash'. Now I'm having a bad time again with the pain etc and am going through a lot of medical tests more to gain more benefit as there isn't much available on the NHS for people like myself due to the lack of funding. So am negotiating with a few charities to see if I can get any funding for treatment. I used to be a teacher so luckily, there are some specialist charities that I've approached as I'm currently on government benefits, jus applied for PIP.

So I've had a lot of private 'alternative' therapy (good physio, osteo, medicinal massage, and acupuncture and mindfulness works for me for my nervous system and emotions). I've tried lots of different things.

So I'm hear to listen to others stories and also to see if there are any new things out there.

Take care and enjoy the little things when you can

:) xx

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After a massive head injury in 1994 and the two years was forced to work, as I was denied benefit (I was disabled, but not disabled enough!), I finally got Incapacity Benefit, which lead onto ESA. When PIP came out I eventually applied and after a two year fight it was finally granted - the judge said he had read all my documents (over thirty pages) and could not understand how anyone could read the pile of papers and NOT give me PIP! Anyhow, it changed my life and after over twenty years of surviving I can finally afford to live! Oh, if you get ESA and PIP don't forget to apply for Severe Disablement Allowance. It makes a big difference :)

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