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Everyday can be an adventure!

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Good morning Sunday ! Please see my latest blog , you can read the full edit on the link below. My write up this month is inspired by the recent movie ' Goodbye Christopher Robin'. I had that feeling that everyday seems to be an adventure and I try my best to Live in the moment.

The Greek adventure part 1- August 2018

My recent trip to Athens with my family was such a wonderful experience – my children are semi -adults now so the holiday was more like enjoying time with my friends.

Athens – Home of the Greek Goddess Athena – God of war and wisdom. The city is surrounded by Ancient Greek structures including the Acropolis and what an amazing site it is! We trekked right upto the top and explored this magnificents sight. I was overwhelmed by the sheer size of the structures and how in those days the rock materials were brought up then to be constructed to make this momentous national World Heritage landmark. The Parthenon – Athena’s temple.

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