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Prolapse? Or something else

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Six months post hysectomy involving removal of cervix uterus and fallopian tubes. Both ovaries remain. Reason. Because of suspected adenomyosis and endometriosis. Conclusion, small ammo t of enso found on doivkas pouch was removed. Upon lab testing no confirmation of adeno. So six months onward, I have mainly had good improvement however i have pain when i empty my bladder. Pain in ovaries, and rectal pain every day. This is a numb pain which goes into my tailbone also. Any ideas cos my gynaecologist said I was cured. And I dont wabt to go back to him if he isn't going to take it seriously. Thanks ladies

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Go back, they will take you seriously. I had a similar experience. When I went back they found two large cyst on the ovaries and I had another operation to remove cyst and ovaries.

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