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HPV, periods & Conception

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I have been on contraceptive pills for around 13 years now. I came off Cerezette 3 months ago now as we would like to try for a baby, I have not yet had a period. Last year after my smear, I was told that I had HPV and had to have another smear this year, but they said it was nothing to worry about.

Could this be the reason why I haven't had a period? Or should I be patient as it could take longer as I have been taking it for a long time?

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Hi there, Thank you for your question. HPV itself isn't known to stop periods, but after coming off of hormonal contraception, it can take several months for our body and menstrual cycle to get back 'to normal' - as you've reached the 3-month mark without a period, it would be worth checking in with your GP, just to be thorough, but it's likely that it's just taking a little bit longer for things to settle.

If you have any other questions, please do get in touch with us on nurse@eveappeal.org.uk

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