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Recurrence of endometrial cancer in pelvic lymph nodes and para ortic lymph lymph nodes

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Hello ladies

Hope you all safe and well xx

Just after some hand holding please. My mummy has just completed 6 cycles of chemo for a recurrence of endometrial cancer in pelvic and para ortic lymph nodes. Originally she was stage 2 grade 1 and we hoped that we had seen the end of it…

She received her scan results last week and the oncologist said the treatment worked and mins lymph nodes have shrunk to a normal size. Mum didn’t really get the chance to ask any questions but is continuing on the immunotherapy therapy trial drug of Atezolizumab

A stupid question maybe but does the fact that the lymph nodes are now of a normal size mean that the cancer has been zapped up? Or could it mean that some of it is still there?

I would love to hear your thoughts ladies

Lots of love xxxx ❤️❤️❤️❤️