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5x3cm mass, stenosis, abnormal glandular cells? LLETZ to be done under GA

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Hello all,

Apologies if long..

So it started with severe pain in the womb a few weeks ago. After US, CT scan, smears, biopsies, a week long hospital stay ( I've been home for a week) I had a colcoscopy appointment today. The very lovely consultant explained that as well as the mass my smear showed abnormal cells ( glandular?). 1st biopsy inconclusive and dont think the 2nd has been completed . So she wanted to do a LLETZ procedure. This was attempted but because of bleeding and my history of blood accumulation in the womb she felt it would be better to be prepared and have it done under general anaesthetic. She reassured me I'd be contacted with 2/3 days for a pre op and given a date for it.

I am absolutely terrified that this is really looking to me like cancer. My last smear was in 2018 and it was fine. This just seems to have really aggressively appeared from nowhere.

I'm 41, no sign of menopause and am lucky to have 4 children age range 22 to 10.

I just need reassurance I guess and some positivity. Or is it really what I'm thinking and this is it..

Many thanks in anticipation of any advice or support.

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Wishing you wellLots of women on here in the same boat all supporting each other

I'm awaiting biopsies of my womb to see if it's cancer

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Wishing you well also, the wait is an absolute torture. Back to gynae today for more biopsies for some reason? I've no idea why...

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Hi there,

Thank you for your message.

We are so sorry to hear about the worrying time you are having, we totally get how scary this can be.

So let’s try and separate some of these elements out ; stenosis simply describes that the cervix is quite narrow/tight and that’s why you may have got the blood collection in your womb, your lovely consultant will be able to explain if that’s the case.

It’s good that they are really looking after you so well , and offering you a general anaesthetic for your comfort.

Do tell your consultant about your worries, say the cancer word as it’s in your mind ….. they are used to this and will be able to help you.

Please do email us on nurse@eveappeal.org.uk if you have any other questions.

Best Wishes,

The Ask Eve Team

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