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Bumps found in Vagina

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I found these bumps the other day after having a yeast infection. My obgyn said she wasn’t sure what it was and we did swabs but I’m freaking myself out and am getting impatient waiting for the results so if someone has something similar please help me figure it out. They itch but otherwise aren’t bothering me too much

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Did u find out what it was? I got the same after yeast infection🥲

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Itzme100 in reply to Fausta1

Did you find out what it was ?

Did you find out what it was? I have the same

I'm having exactly the same after yeast infection pliz tell us did you get your results what is it??? Did the doctor give u something to put?

Did anyone find out what this is because this is happening to me to.. and I'm starting to get impatient my self and freaking out alittle bit but no one can tell...